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Server Description
The Isle heaves, for the Sleeper has awakened.
Its people weep, for they can hear the Whisper.
Cant you hear it too?
It is calling out to you. Beckoning you.
Now come... Heed the call of the Awakened...
Allow it to guide you before it is too late.
Because soon all Siptah will crumble beneath the shadow of his fangs...

Lose yourself in a role playing experience. Fully immersed in a flavorful world full of opportunities, you'll feel like you are really there! A player driven world, with an emphasis on interactions and exploration. A unique way to play, you never know who or what you might encounter!
Ouroboros: The Awakening offers a unique experience which is heavily inspired by DnD. Pick your race, choose your class and mark yourself in the history of the server. No matter which path you will choose, know this - Every action comes with a consequence. And every consequence comes with a price...

Main features, but not limited to:

+13 Races
+11 Unique Classes
+3 Curses (Kindred, Werewolf and Ghoul)
+6 Professions
+4 Factions
+Territory System
+Defined, yet nonrestrictive building rules
+Player-run Economy
+Plenty of Quests, including Dailies
+Extensive Modlist
+EXP/ gathering rates: x2.5 / x1
+No Wipes
+All the recipes and feats from Exiled Lands

Server Settings:
+Global chat - Enabled
+PvP - Disabled
+Level Cap - 120
+XP rate - 2.0
+Harvesting rate - 1.0
+Day/Night ratio - 0.4
+Drop equipment on death - No
+Logged out characters remain in world - No
+God Avatars - Disabled
+Decay - Disabled
+Hunger/Thirst settings - 0.3
+Factions available per character - 1
+Professions available per character - 1
+EEWA Rank Point System - Enabled
+Number of EEWA Constellations player can earn - 1
+Maelstrom - Enabled
+Malestrom duration - 30 Minutes
+Maelstrom cooldown - 240 Minutes

Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2386063534&savesuccess=1
Server Owner: Anezka
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