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Posted by jasonmarion720

Server seems nice and all at first since it was wiped last saturday until you find out people who [donate] get privileges in the form of VIP aka p2w like you know every mobile game. They get to start with tools gear and weapons not to mention the pipi gold used to buy gear and items. They are also allowed to use special VIP shops in the market which is way better then the i guess you would say f2p. Donations are giving something not expecting anything in return so it is most definitely not a donation it is a money transaction that lets you get ahead. But the moronic admin claims if he didnt get donations to the server wouldnt be up. So which means if money is that tight for you dont make a server and go play on a different one like most of you who are reading this are probably thinking i should which i shall. FYI admin has some of his buddies playing on there and love to snitch about anything that they think the admin will not like. For instance trying to explain to some Brits what the difference between p2w and p2getahead mean. Good luck all who try to play there, and be sure to stay in the safe zone since you will be very far behind the [VIP] clan. They KoS with their op gear.

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Server Description
Greetings fellow Conan Players,
we are inviting you to join us on a newly created modded server with next mods:
- Pippi
- Pickup+
- Thrall war dungeon
- Paragon Leveling
- High stack and low encumbrance
- Exiled lands improved
- Hosav's custom UI
- Faster elevator
- Fashionist
- The Age of Calamitous

Server name: METEOR PVP AOC EEWA Thrall wars pickup+ x5
Connection Info:

Server is PVP, but you won't see anyone completely wiping your base or completely looting your stuff.
Community is very nice and we are working on it to stay like this.
Wipes are not planned, but will happen if there are bigger updates.
All the bigger decisions are put on vote and community decides about it.

Statistics and server settings:
- Average online players: 12
- Max clan size: 6
- Server location: EU - UK
- Map: Exiled lands
- EXP ratio: 10x
- Harvesting ratio: 5x
- Raiding days and hours:
- Wednesday(8:00PM to 10:00PM UTC or GMT)
- Saturday (5:30PM to 11:00PM UTC or GMT)

Buildings and utilities:
- Market: You can buy and sell stuff for pippi gold
- Pit boss: Every 20 hours you can spawn it, kill it and get a nice reward
- Arena: Tournament events are happening here (PVP)
- Colloseum: Teams vs teams, teams vs bosses (work in progress, but should be done soon)

You can also join us on Discord:

We are looking forward to seeing you ;)
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