IP Address:
Query Port: 27066
Country: NO Norway
Owner: killa
Players: 50
Average: 1 players
Website: discord.gg/qKYXZQz
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 72
Map: The Exiled Lands
Current Players: 2/50 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Profile Picture Sindoras 1 week ago
thumps up for the fast update reaction of admins ... 10min after patch or hotfix is out Server is up to date again
Posted by Profile Picture Filopat67 1 week ago
All my life I have suffered from greasy hair and hairloss but after few weeks of playing on this server I feel my hair has became denser and more vibrant than ever. Ive also gained 3.5% more muscle mass and my body fat percentage is down 2.3%. 10/10 would crap my pants again when admin accidentally teleports himself inside my base.
Posted by Profile Picture TheGunSlinger 1 week ago
This server is so good i slapped my momma.
Posted by Profile Picture Senpah 1 week ago
Im new to this server i Felt so welcome the first time i said hello in the chat Everyone replied with a greeting. Also the admins are very mature none of them are joking around as some server they are. Admins also had a wish everyone welcome : 10/10 love the gather rate not to hard and not to simple. :
Posted by Profile Picture Jaidenvir 2 weeks ago
Im new but Ive noticed its well maintained. Lots of admin feed back so Id place a vote.
Posted by Profile Picture Tekkeryole2 2 weeks ago
Before i joined this server i wasnt able to proudly erect my man parts. Ever since i joined I cant keep ur mom off this foot long schlong. If you want non stop pussy join Band of the Hawk and your penis will gladly stand up proud and straight.

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