Game of Thralls [EU,RP,PvP,Lore][Discord gH8d7Dt]

Game Mode: PvP
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Claim Port: 27015
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Status: Online
Map: The Exiled Lands
Server Owner: samgungraven
Player AVG(24hrs): 8
First Seen: July 28, 2018
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Server Mods: Pippi - User & Server Management -
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Posted by KateFly

Tremendous fun with high stakes. A bit intense andntripy horrifying at times, but also quite interesting and utterly exhilarating! Perhaps not for the faint of heart, tho if you’re the adventurous type, savage realism at its best!

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Server Description

GoT is a heavy conflict RP server for mature and experienced role players that want character driven stories of conflict against a backdrop of canonical Howard lore. Conflict can take many forms, access to land or resources, religion, culture, envy, lust, and ultimately violence and warfare. We offer a set of mods, custom settings, extensive lore compilations and rules designed to create a world of character driven conflicts, with the threat of PvP, optional permadeath and ultimately war always looming.

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