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Welcome from The Second Age RP/ERP 18+

We are a Roleplay focused, with PVP enabled, server that has justed opened! We offer welcoming and active admins, custom content, and lots more. Whether you are a seasoned Conan RP player or its your first time we can help you find a home here.
Second Age is based in Central USA, but is still very playable in the UK, Asia and for many other places as well. We started this server because we believe in roleplay first. If you can dream it we can work with it. We are open to all suggestions and ideas. If you are interested in a server that is open, fresh, and roleplay oriented, come say hi in Second Age. "For the Empire!"

We also offer:
*Fantasy Race based Kits with some fantastic tools and items.
*No Drop on Death.
*30 man server that can be increased if need.
*3x harvest.
*Daily Log-In rewards
*No overly huge admin hubs
*Custom Caravan system

*Thrallwars server mod
*Dungeon Master Tools
*Warrior Mutator Mod
*Dudes Delightful Decorations
*Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2
*Shadows of Skelos Extended
*Beyond Stations
*High Heels
*Devious Desires
And many more RP driven mods

Discord link:
Server Owner: LoneSamuraiOG
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