Age Of Exiles 6/16\3xG\9XP\BaseKit\GodTimer\VPN-Blocker\Even
IP Address:
Query Port: 27015
Country: US United States
Owner: ESproco
Players: 70
Average: 0 players
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 984
Map: The Exiled Lands
Current Players: 0/70 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Profile Picture KBZiNZ 3 weeks ago
Too much crying should mute them all only admin should have the rights to talk on the server.
Posted by Profile Picture Abcsam (VIP) 1 month ago
I love this sever so fun the admins are fair and make sure its a good pvp environment!
Posted by Profile Picture roff 1 month ago
This server is ran by three admin and it is out of there house. This not only gives them full control against hackersVPN players and ban lists but lets them better manage wipesrestarts and crashes. The admins will listen to what you have to say and respond the best way possible. With over 200 members on the steam group. I would say this is one of the best servers.
Posted by Profile Picture Anuxa 1 month ago
Very active steam group and facebook group community!! Server Rules in the steam group discussion tab admins are old skool and use teamspeak!! This server also runs a vpn/peer blocker so no vpns or connections from public wifis like hotels or coffee shops. Any problems connecting please contact either Anuxa or Esproc! Thank you!! Welcome to the longest running Conan Server!!

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