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Server ID 76992288
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Map The Exiled Lands
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Oct 8, 2021
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Server Description
The Golden Reach shines anew! Once an abandoned northern outpost founded by an eccentric Nord, this small settlement has been rebuilt and has pledged to help Exiles in need. Starting out at the Golden Reach, players will explore the Exiled Lands and forge their own paths through bloodshed, trade, or even diplomacy?

But beware...trouble is brewing on the horizon. The Golden Reach's success is bound to attract unwanted attention...

Golden Reach has a tight-knit community in mind for either newcomers or veterans in the world of RP where we can all chat, log in and craft stories together.

Name of Server: Golden Reach [immersive roleplaying +18]

Server Map: Exiled Lands

Mods: Yes. Collection of mods included in the link below.

PVP or PVE: PVE with optional PvP areas. Conflict is resolved via RP Redux dice.

ERP Focused? No. ERP is welcomed, but it is not the main focus of the server.

Age Restrictions:18+

Location of Server: NA

Max capacity of server: 30

Server Lore: Conan Exiles/Elements of Howard.

Application: All players must join our discord and create a character concept.

About us:

Golden Reach is a text-based RP server focused on building a tight-knit community, one where creativity thrives. Our goal is to create a welcoming RP server where players can easily begin their journey no matter how advanced or new they are to Conan or even RP itself. New players are easily transported into the main hub where they are greeted by our coded NPCs and are free to explore and venture out. The Golden Reach offers its very own custom Inn script, allowing players to rent out Inn rooms located in the Hub's tavern until they are ready to stake claim within the wilds and carve out their own story.

Classes & Races:

We currently use the professions mod and offer a variety of classes. Each class has their own unique quests, quest rewards, skills, and feats. While we are low fantasy based, we do offer players the option to play as a special race, which must be approved via concept beforehand. These races include: Vampire, Shifter, and Werewolf. Further details about our classes and races can be found in our discord.

What we offer:
✔Player ran RP hubs & events. (With staff DM support & chaos spawning.)
✔On-going server plotlines & social events. (Events varying from market nights, to tavern brawls and races)
✔Generous building rules. (No height limits.)
✔Human, Vampire, Shifter, & Werewolf races with custom traits & perks.
✔ Easy to use custom dice system & perks. (With automatic DCs & more via RP Redux)
✔Classes & custom skills. (Thieving class, Warriors, & more.)
✔Custom daily quests. (Custom mazes & dungeons.)
✔Starting hub & fast-travel system.
✔Player market.
✔Drama free environment.
✔PvE dice combat resolution. (With optional PvP areas.)
✔Modded mail system. (Thanks to Ravencrest!)

Server Rules

    [*] This community welcomes friendly players and is a safe space for LGBTQ+ players.
    [*] Derogatory comments, hate speech, or misogyny of any kind is not allowed!
    [*] You must be at least 18 years old to play on this server.
    [*] Discord membership is mandatory to play on this server.
    [*] Players are required to post a character concept and corresponding consents prior to joining the server in-game.
    [*] No abusing in-game exploits. (Automatic ban)
    [*] If you choose to play an antagonist character, expect consequences. Staff will not pick and choose.
    [*] This is a roleplaying server. When in game, you must be in character (IC) at all times when coming into contact with other players in-game.
    [*] In-character actions should not be taken personally, a healthy and clearly out-of-character (OOC) communication is the basis of good roleplay.
    [*] Metagaming (using knowledge you have acquired OOC-ly to your own IC advantage) is forbidden.
    [*] No power-gaming: You cannot force actions on another player without the use of a corresponding roll (which you can win or lose). Consent always comes into play depending on the intended action.
    [*] Permadeath is entirely consent-based and up to the player’s consents. No one player can permanently kill another player’s character without their consent.
    [*] Ninja-looting: This is strictly forbidden and poor sportsmanship to begin with. Come back and defeat the boss yourself if you want the loot.

Server Settings
XP rate: 3x
Gathering Rate: 1x
Day/Night Ratio: Slowed down for immersive experience.
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.2
Drop Equipment on Death: Off.
God Avatars Enabled: False.
The Purge Activated: False.

Modlist:Mod collection
Server Owner: wulfgrin
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