Lament and Desire 18+ RP/Survival wOpt(PvP/ERP)


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Posted by krixaost

I may be biased but this is the way Hyborian Age should be played. The RP is excellent, fun, and relaxed. The combat is intense and satisfying as it should be. Survival is actually very fair with 3-5 drinks/eats per day. I am having a blast RPing with the peeps on the server. Very addictive.

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Server Description
Welcome to :: Lament and Desire 18+ RP/Survival wOpt(PvP/ERP)

Private Invitation Only Server. If you are serious about an enhanced survival experience with harder npcs the message Rohi

This is an ADULT 18+ server that mandates Role Play in Local Chat and encourages ERP (Erotic Role Play), Nudity, Slavery, Brutality (not severe or crazy kinks), Drugs, among other things that fit very well within the stories of Hyboria/Thurian/Conan fantasy. If you cannot handle this type of subject matter please play somewhere else.

- Rates: 2.5 XP (Fairly Fast Leveling) and 1.9 Harvest (to keep things that should be one when picked up)
- Easy access. Pressing Accept (Entry to Game) you consent to this being an ADULT 18+ Only Server.
- Relaxed Immersive RP Environment. A Role Players Dreamland.
- Lots of Starter Kits and a Starter Companion (T4 Bearer). Use => **/kit** after character creation.
- Level :: 300 with Paragon attributes
- Level 60 to Unlock Legendary Chests
- Attributes Stop at 60 to maintain character builds (Knowledge Point Feats continue to 300)
- There are Bonus Kits for Knowledge Feats at Levels 60, 120, 180, 240, and 300
- Day/Night Cycle :: ~45min Day Hours, ~20min Night Hours

- Lament by Emberlight Used
- No Corruption Gain from Death
- Level 10 :: Items drop to a Backpack (to prevent suicide home ports)
- Level 20 :: 20% Equipment Damage (includes all equipable items in inventory)
- There are Lamenting Stones in the RP Hubs that you can remove corruption from your spirit.

- Immersive and Skimpy Armors for both Female and Male.
- Immersive placeables to decorate your home/base.
- Immersive Caravans for only 5 Silver per segment to get you around the map.
- Quick travel to your Home at any time.
- Fully working economy based upon hard coins and Traders in the RP Hubs.
- PvE with RP PvP (PvP is normally Off unless a PvP event is happening...Clan War).
- Purges are turned on randomly by dice roll. They are fun and difficult. Your base can get wrecked.
- Slave toys for those who want to RP this sort of thing. (not a BDSM/Kink server).
- Musiq Boxes to play music at your base/home.
- Thespians to use as decoration and even sell your wares to other players.
- Very fair survival mechanics.
- Enhanced spawns that are more challenging and roaming Super Corrupted Creatures.

Please see our Discord for more info and pics.

Lament and Desire Modlist:

Pippi - User Server Management :: 880454836
NoxUIchanges :: 1383365330
COOP Boss HP :: 1673617274
Tier 4 Followers - Mild Increased Spawn :: 1467634310
Skimpy Armors (2018) :: 1368652757
Immersive Armor :: 1966733568
CNC (Cuffs & Collars) :: 1407413080
Savage Steel 1 :: 1367404881
Savage Steel 2 :: 1598693222
Limestone Buildings :: 1472647650
LBPR - Additional Features :: 1444947329
LBPR: Fish and Shell Trap Bug Fix :: 1666355337
LPBR (Less Building Placement Restrictions) :: 1369743238
Javelin Improved :: 1701136207
Fashionist :: 1159180273
Better Thralls :: 931088249
Devious Desires :: 2300463941
Barbarian Barber :: 2050780234
Unlock Plus :: 877108545
Pickup+ :: 864199675
Stacksize Plus (DLC compatible) :: 1396310739
Emberlight :: 1369802940
Emberlight Lament :: 1401451646
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded :: 1629644846
Improved Quality of Life :: 2275543723

This modlist has been very carefully chosen so as to minimize breaking things during Funcom Updates and Mod Updates. Basically all the mods above
do not really mess too much with the base game which makes them a lot safer to use.
Server Owner: krixaost
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