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Posted by NialaDarkstar

Amazing server! 10/10 . Great community and friendly staff.

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Posted by SienaVraeior

Love this server, the team has really put in allot of work into it.

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Server Description

Greetings to You all from Ragnarok Rising Server. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are a newly formed server that is vastly growing. A friendly and welcoming community of RPER's that wish to ride the interesting roller coaster that is rp. We are a world that is based not on Exiles or Earth. But a place in between. A world called Niflheim. Yes it sounds Nordic based, but the lore speaks otherwise and with great volume. Learn the truth behind the reason and the why you've ended up in a world unknown to you.

Welcome mortal, to the realm of Utgard, where great challenges are met with resounding resolve and strength like never before in your past life. Like many adventurers that have come to call this land home, the gods have chosen you to test your might upon the isle of Landet Forbanner, and like many before you death is all but certain, or is it? It is the seven hundred and sixty fifth year of the astral era and the realm has began to stir once more as Ragnarok approaches, the children of Nidhogg once again are placed within the nine realms to prepare for the coming. What journey awaits you, what destiny befalls you? Only the gods know for certain, so go forth, where even the most humble of beginnings can see you ascended above all else.

• Basic Information:
● Name: Ragnarok Rising
● Contact: @?☠ Siena Vræiðr ☠?
● Map: Siptah
● Server I.P Address GTX Portal:
● Team: Based in US and UK, with very active and supportive staff members.
● Server :- RP - PVP - PVE (ERP+18)

• Server Information:
● Crafting Hub
● Fountain of Youth Bath House
● Starter Hub with merchants
● Crescent Cove Village
● Public Arena with Tavern and Market -Player spawn-able boss's
● Villages linked to Server Story
● Custom created Dungeons
● Custom boss's - World Boss spread out over the map
● Custom Quests
● 18 Custom Races and Class's
● More than Fair building and placement Limitations
-DM Me if You have questions, I am always available.-

• Server Offers:
● Levels: 300 cap
● Level Speed: x5
● Harvest Speed: 2.5
● No Decay
● Starter Kits
● Level 60 Booster
● No item drop on death
Server Owner: SienaVraeior
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