Paradise Falls-4 MAPS Clustered!


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Server ID 76991893
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map The Exiled Lands
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen May 8, 2021
Last Seen 3 minutes ago
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Server Reviews
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Posted by jeffy65

One of thee best servers and community ever! so nice

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Posted by WildManWillis

Clustered servers - are the new wave of the future. Creating/building a character up in rank and then being able to take that character to 4 different worlds [4 maps on Paradise Falls] is so wonderful!!! With Admins and helpers to assist in any way needed; 49 Mods (the best ones) 3xp/3Hav - this is truly one my fav and I would like to help make it your top server. thx. -W

Profile Picture
Posted by Amazon

One of thee best reliable servers which you can totally immersive yourself with not just the basic concept and story line of conan but much more story lines to keep you exploring, discovering , and challenging yourself to higher heights with very good admins that truly has taken Conan World to the next level". and with awesome fashion to customize your character to suit your needs"!! what more could i ask for".. Bravo"..! Paradise Falls and connect gameplay maps with it"..!!!!

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Posted by xLadyEroticax

You won’t find a better, more stable, secure server. We have the absolute best admins and community ever!

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Posted by NIvekGrudge

Sometimes in life, we find that one thing that traps our attention, entwines around us like a lover's arms and we find that we give ourselves away completely to it. Other than my third wife, I found that in Paradise Falls. Come join us!! Experience a gaming community full of vibrant people, amazing staff and the sexiest Owner on the planet.

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Server Description
Play 4 different maps!
Paradise Falls (Exiles lands),
Isle of the Damned (Siptah),
Myst of Faeryon (Sapphire exiles),
Age of Allurea (Savage Wilds).
Fast travel from within game with char and item transfer between our worlds.
Paradise Falls has been here since
Game Beta Launch 2017
We know what it takes to keep our servers clean and safe for all.
Hope to see you in Paradise!
Server Owner: xLadyEroticax
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