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Server Reviews
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Posted by SalAquma

It is a server that is focused mostly in ERP not RP. If you make a character with strong perspective, and hurt the owner ego or one of his friends, he will simply start endless RP conflict for you to deal with until it stress you off, then play with words, and get you banned for harassment. Simply in other words, if the server owner doesn't like your character, he will force you to change IC or be banned for harassing him.

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Posted by Coleblah

I have been playing for the last few weeks and have loved the heck out of this server. Custom-made everything- from the arena to dungeons, to special NPCs, quests on quests on quests, reasonable rules, and fun systems to play with while doing the EEWA/AOC grinds. The staff does their best to help and the community itself is always saying Hi to everyone, many take the time out of their schedules to help new players too! Vehement is a must try, 10/10.

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Posted by midgetmonster

Great server with loads of helpful and friendly players, amazing staff, and fun custom content. If you're new to the game and RP world or if your returning from a long break, this is the server to come to!

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Posted by Lpunit

Lead admin knows the Conan tech very well. Highly recommend this server to anyone looking for an immersive RP experience. Good use of Pippi and other mod features.

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Posted by rksilvally

Great server with active, super helpful staff members who are obviously invested in the server and a welcoming community. Definitely worth hopping on if you're looking for an E/RP server!

Profile Picture
Posted by DarkwraithJinx

95/100 it's a great server with a great community, theres draw backs here and the like strict ruling and the ocasional drama flair up, but over all the best conan e/rp server ive found thus far, youve done great odd keep up the good work

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Server Description
Vehement RP (18+)
︱• Fantasy ︱• Cosmetic Freebies! ︱• Caravan Warp System︱• Daily Rewards ︱• Patreon Rewards | • Events |

*Featuring:* All your favorites and Pippi, EEWA,Age of Calamitous, Roleplay Redux, Emberlight, iQoL, and more!

Vehement is the Exiled Lands meets Fantasy! Immerse yourself in a world being bent by the many planes of existence. You have been exiled from your home realm and now must seek to find a way back or begin roots in your new life.

We build the story and develop the world together at Vehement. Join a home that puts Community first. We offer a unique character profile system to give you the ability to thoroughly create a character and set your level of expectations. We know you will fit perfectly into the world and discover its dangerous secrets!

Custom Content
- Daily and Weekly Quests
- Leveling Combat Arena
- Map Control
- Tons of Mod Vendors.
- Level 60 Boost
- Tier 2 and Tier 3 Material Kits (Free!)
- Freebie Cosmetics
- Voting Rewards

Server Lore
There was a time where you knew the world around you. You have now been dealt an unfathomable punishment. You have suffered a fate worse than imprisonment or death. You have been banished from your home realm and placed into the eternal prison of The Exiled Lands. Beings from beyond their own realm find their way here, a fate similar to you.

You are in an unknown land, your old gods are silent and do not answer your prayers. Whatever knowledge you thought you had beforehand does not necessarily hold true here. What happens next is entirely upon you... How will you find your way, Exile?

Server Invite
Server Name: Vehement RP (18+)
Steam Direct Connect:steam://connect/ :
Server Direct Connect:
Server Owner: Oddree404
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