Age of Annhilation 5x [AOC/EEWA/Quests]


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Posted by fdotnet

The best server I played on so far. Admins are active and friendly. They organise events, play together with the other players. Aoc and EEWA are integrated perfectly and offer far more content like dungeons bosses weapons armor magic etc. The other mods also are carefully selected not to interfere with eachother. Also the other players are very friendly and helpful in case of need. Parties form also between clans to fight dungeons and bosses. My clan will have lots of hours of fun on this server from now on.

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Posted by desvakov

discord ?

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Posted by kazuma6666

Lots of new things lately on the server. Admins are very active :) We've got daily quests, flying mounts and flying, plenty of ways to get loyalty, and other tokens to get specific rewards. You can get access to all AOC factions, and level gems and traits with special currencies. Lots of custom content.

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Server Description
Friendly PvE Environment with beginner friendly and endgame focused
Custom Quests, Parkour Trials, Challenges and many more.
Server Owner: StinkyDuck
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