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Server Reviews
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Posted by Shadowfirekitty

Super fun server! People are active both in-game and on Discord, and are very friendly. There are plenty of clans that you can join if you want a group, or you can start your own! Admin are nice and active, and there's plenty of opportunities for RP!

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Posted by Nyxies

This server is a breath of fresh air. The Admin team and the entire community are very welcoming, helpful, and dedicated to making this server a fun place to be. They've made custom locations and quests that are immersive and beautiful in design. They have events for players, fair rules, and generous building guidelines. If you're looking for a server that is fantasy immersive, with steady, dedicated players, this is the one for you!

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Posted by KingIsTom

Buzzing server! There's always something interesting going on and the dedication to the creation of the server really shows with all the custom quests and interactive builds. The owners are great people who are always eager to help. If you want to play a RP server that is has a interactive community, balanced gameplay and Fantasy experience to remember this servers the one.

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Posted by Spidersniper

Great community. Active and helpful admins who doesnt abuse. They even made their own world quests and town to immerse their players even more.Seriously I highly recommend this server for anyone who is looking for a chill place in an immersive server.

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Posted by basla1

The community is super friendly and awesome. Folks like to RP and keep everything immersive. The admins are super easy to go along with and are fair for everyone. If you want to play on a fantasy server, you should definetly give this one a try.

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Server Description
Fantasy RP/PVP/PVE (18+)

If you search for a server where immersion is the major point, we could be for you! We customize all our quest, builds and storyline for our players immersion. If you search for a place where people are not overpowered, where the attribute points are not maxed out and where some of EEWA's features are blocked, where the magic is controled so it can remain fair in PVP but still as good PVE-wise and If you are the kind of roleplayer to jump right into roleplay, it is also the perfect place! Here, you'll get all the points at the beginning with a level 60boost in a starting kit alongside unlimited encumbrance and a complete building kit to allow you to start your journey right away. Seriously if you search for a true roleplay and fully immersed with fair pvp with plenty of roleplay opportunities, stop searching, Mystical Lands is for YOU !

▫️Unique Lore
▫️13 Unique races fully customizable
▫️2 Racial attributes bonus
▫️Uniquely Customized Kerozad’s Paragon
▫️Up to 300 levels with unlimited encumbrance
▫️Gathering X3 / XP X3
▫️Starting Kits
▫️Caravan system for warps
▫️Public roleplay hubs
▫️Sorcery/magic for players
▫️Unique quest around the world
▫️Immersive world
▫️Extremely active admins
▫️Functioning Innkeeper System for tavern owning players.
▫️Server events and more !

Server Owner: MysticalLands
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