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10xExp/Harvest PVE Lavish Aces, Infinite Stamina, Active adm
Query Port: 27015
Country: US United States
Owner: Claim this server
Players: 30
Website: Add a website
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvE
Rank: 16
Map: The Exiled Lands

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Current Players: 2/30 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Profile Picture Dharsan 2 days ago
So far the best server with 10x pve setting best server for friendly gameplay. Met a few Insaneextreme playersjk. Best place to stay if you enjoy relaxed atm.
Posted by Profile Picture Haalk 5 days ago
Great Server. Smooth game play. Great admins who are very active in ensuring players are having fun. Friendly players. Great server to relax explore the game and learn Conan Exiles. My perma home for Cana!
Posted by Profile Picture Ragnarrock 2 weeks ago
Great server. Admins give a lot of notice of cleanup. Put a sign outside building with date and building is safe. Buildings with no sign and date will be removed. So abandoned structures are very minimum. Always space. Great for learning explorering just having fun with no worries or grinding needed. Great community. Admins are almost always in server or at least in server discord.
Posted by Profile Picture Malican 2 weeks ago
Great active server. It doesnt take long to hit 60 and gathering is fast. Server is best suited for those who want to build and socialize. Admins are friendly act are on throughout the day.
Posted by Profile Picture Duney 2 weeks ago
Awesome server full of friendly ppl. Admins are fairly active and helpful wee bit crazy
Posted by Profile Picture Mtmuder 3 weeks ago
Hosts are awesome! The members are very helpful also! My home away from home!

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