Game of Thralls - Isle of Siptah (RP-PvP 18+)


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Server ID 67515827
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map The Isle of Siptah
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Jan 10, 2020
Last Seen 11 hours ago
Mods Akuba's Salon
Arena Pier 1.3.8
Barbarian Barber
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Immersive Armor
Improved Quality of Life
Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.1.8
Northern Timber 2.2.4
RA: Character Customisation
Shadows of Skelos - Extended
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Server Reviews
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Posted by Alexandria

This is one of the good ones. If you just want to play Barbarian Barbie Dreamhouse, look elsewhere. If you just want to pwn noobs and min-max your way to some imaginary "glory," look elsewhere. If you want to play on a server with some challenge AND immerse yourself in a setting that actually feels like it could be in The Hyborian Age...and you have the wit to craft stories with other canny players while getting your adventure on... well, you just might be home. Come find out.

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Posted by Boadicea66

This server is the absolute best representation of Howard's Hyboria you will ever come across. The rules, the mods and the admin all promote a RP conflict experience; no it is not constant PvP, it is constant RP in a world fraught with danger. The server Mod really adds to the game play with its own unique application of armor attributes and the following. - Universal Artisan Bench can craft from any DLC - Yellow Lotus is split in Attributes and Feats reset - Floating Names is removed - Player List and Event Log is restricted - Greystone is added giving you a less orange alternative... that's all the rage these days Behind the scenes a lot of things is in place for further additions of character creation additions, raven cages, writing system with languages, armor kits, classes, HUD improvements, etc... Read the link below for more details. Driven by the players themselves. Intrigue, politics, warfare, diplomacy, and trade are for you to create and experience. You won’t find gamemasters or admin-driven server-wide narratives.

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Posted by Boadicea66

A RP conflict server based on a detailed and accurate Hyborian lore as Howard wrote it. RP conflict means a harsh environment full of intrigue, deceit, honor and companionship. It is not a PvP focused server, PvP is just one tool of many used in the story telling. Good Mods that promote the server theme, fair and available admin, and one slick fast server!

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Server Description
You don't play on Game of Thralls for the settings or the modlist - you play because it's the highest quality roleplay available and you want a vibrant world made by the players themselves. We don't have admin built content, we don't have gamemasters railroading a server narrative - it's all organic roleplay.

Game of Thralls is for players who:
- Focus on the journey and not the endpoint
- Who is just as happy roleplaying loss as a win
- Who cherish weaknesses as much as strengths
- Who will chose what makes sense for the character, even if the consequence is death
- Who can be mature out-of-character when things get wild in-character
Server Owner: samgungraven
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