[NO/EN/EU] Empire Gaming CORE PvP [FRESH WIPE/5H7XP]


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Server ID 76991296
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map The Exiled Lands
Country United Kingdom
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Dec 1, 2020
Last Seen 7 minutes ago
Mods No Mods Found
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Server Description
New modfree server Empire Gaming CORE [PvP] FRESH WIPE.
NO MODS: We are stepping back from the modded PvP world this time and focus on the core aspect of PvP. Are you up for the challenge?

• Harvest: 5x, XP: 7x.
• No mods added.
• Max Clan Size: 6.
• Raid-hours: 19:00-21:30 UK/Servertime mon-saturday. Sunday = no raid.
• Option for thrall and dyes donation rewards.
• Improved Inhouse DDoS Protection with Dynamic Whitelisting.

• No Cheating, disrespect, racism, abuse, spawnblocking etc.
• No spamming / stacking of any kind.
• No gods and bubbles.
• No horse pvp.
• No rebuilding during raid.
• No throwing axes and javelins on thralls.
• No Cleansing Weapons to be used on Players/Thralls during PVP.
• Max 4 vaults per clan/solo.
• Max 15 active pets or thralls combined per clan/solo (workerthralls not included).
• Max 2 mainbases per clan/solo. Max 3 farm house, size 6x6x6.
• Max total buildpiece usage: 15K clan/solo.
Server Owner: markdac
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