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Server ID 76992372
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Map The Exiled Lands
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Nov 20, 2021
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Influenced by Robert Jordan Wheel of Time, set thousands of years after the age of the Dragon Reborn. The world is divided between the Empiric Lands (ruled by science and logic) and, Exiled lands (barbaric and mystical).

When a young woman touched the long since forgotten source of power, something powerful stirred in the world. She prophesized an all consuming storm of darkness that would come about by others who could also touch the source of power. She fatally consumed her own life source, to create a protected land that could never again affect the Empiric lands, an impenetrable wall of spirit shielding it. Passing through this spirit wall required a payment.

No sentient creature could pass without giving up their ability to create offspring. In return for fertility, the beings were granted the innate ability to reconstitute upon demise, immortality. In an attempt to stop those who can wield the one power from the foretold breaking of the world, all those born with the ability to sense the source are exiled into the waste upon their 20th name-day.
Server Owner: LadyChaos
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