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Server Reviews
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Posted by deadmansfury

Oh look its that time again, I have now been playing on this server for over 5 months still finding things to do people to RP/ERP with there is a ton of helpful people in the community, the staff is friendly and helpful, and i've found the server itself to be a ton of fun!!!

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Posted by DarkSoul

Great server on the technical end, good xp and gather rates and very chill. If I had any complaint it would be that it's too quiet both in-game and the Discord. It feels like i'm playing single-player at times.

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Posted by threetoes

Sexy, delicate, challenging and exotically rewarding. Regardless if your looking for a chili cheeseburger, an avocado and tilapia road taco or a everything but the kitchen sink pizza this server has it all. So bring your hunger and your expectations, for they shall be sated and fulfilled.

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Posted by GiromEir

Fantastic attention to detail from the admins. Event and story driven world open to all playstyles. I highly recommend people check this server out.

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Posted by deadmansfury

So I've been playing on this server for over 2 months great rp,erp, events, quests, progression arena, still finding interesting things to do! The community is very welcoming helpful and friendly no better place to fuel my conan addiction!

Profile Picture
Posted by Zoria33

I have absolutely the best community of players! Very helpful, understanding, informative, funny, and all around great personalities! I couldn't ask for a better group of players on my server!!

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Server Description
Are you looking for a community with multiple map options? A community that doesnt believe in sever wipes unless it is critically necessary to do so? A core server lore/story with lots of RP opportunities? If you answered yes to these, then this community may be the one for you! Weve been open since December 2020, and have not wiped, nor do we plan on wiping, unless it is critically necessary. The building rules are fair and help to lessen the lag on the servers, especially when visiting RP hubs/businesses.

Many more mods that are not listed above!

**Red Nails - EL Map - EEWA**
**(E)RP - PvP/PvE (18+)** - Discord Link -
**Direct Connect**
Red Nails EL Map -
Red Nails Savage Wilds Map -
Red Nails Isles Siptah Map -

Come check us out!

**This servers lore is based loosely off of Robert E. Howards novel *Red Nails* and revolves around the conflict of two main factions and the neutral parties that profit from their aggressions.**

Pick a faction! Or brave the Exiled lands alone
**The Legion**: where might makes right.
**The Allegiance**: Bring civilization into these cursed lands.
**The Nomads**: Profit is the name of the game.

No Drop on Death
Body does not stay in world
Level 60 Boost
XP rate multiplier - 5 Xs
Harvest Multiplier - 3 Xs
Active Owners and Staff
Political Differences, Debauchery, Traitors, Story Twists and Turns
Fantasy races to choose from
Starter kits with available race customizations
Quests to earn pippi coin
Daily and Weekly Scheduled Events - Daily and Weekly Quests
Custom Progression Arena and Dungeon - More to come!
RP hubs, player and server merchants
Friendly and helpful community
PvP - One line of role-played aggression, even in KoS/AoS Zones
Reasonable Building Limits
Sponsorship Perks
Voting and Birthday Gifts

See Links for more info and Mod complete mod list
Server Owner: Zoria33
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