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We are an RP lore & story-driven server and community that wants to offer to each and every player a unique experience to develop their characters, stories into a re-adapted world of Conan were mods like AOC, EEWA, Profession, Kerozard's Paragon Leveling Reloaded Level 300 and Indrid’s Custom Classes & Races create the proper environment to let your imagination run free in both creation of characters and story development. We added in the mix +18 mods (Theatrics, Devious Desires, Get closer) to encourage a real multi-layered story development for characters.

Our amazing player-base, from all over the world, is full of creative and friendly people, always excited to welcome more members to our family that is currently trapped in Exiled Lands by the hungry-power warlock Ehion.

“The Warlock’s portal remained, the light within swirling red. Within the room, a gentle breeze fluttered the pages of books lying open on the many tables and shelves. The world on the other side of the portal – those Savage Wilds – felt the brunt of Ehion’s magic as a terrible storm. His portal hung above the center of the island as wind, rain, and lightning lashed the land. People, animals, even parts of buildings were pulled towards the swirling red oval. All living creatures swept through Ehion’s gate felt the effects of the Warlock’s powerful magic. Many perished on this passage; some might say they were the fortunate ones. Those who survived the violent journey woke, disoriented and confused, in a small cave.
Some complained of a tingling, burning sensation in their throats; others ached with pain from their bruised skin to deep within their bones. All felt a cold, dry breeze as they disentangled themselves from corpses and carcasses amassed on the floor. Fright dulled their minds and only a few noticed the tables piled with books lining the walls and the many fabulous items that the mystics among them recognized as tools of their craft. Among the soft moans, murmurs, and rustling of bags and clothing, those with keener senses heard the echoes of water dripping on a rocky floor. The ones well enough to talk had to answer the most important questions of their lives: Where were they? How many people, creatures were among them? No human, god, or oracle could tell them, not in that dim place. The new inhabitants of the Exiled Lands began to realize that answers to their questions were outside. Their only option for survival was to move”

Join us in the battle for freedom against this treacherous mad man and create a long-lasting friendships with amazing RP’ers!

* x4 Harvest
* x4 XP
* Kits & level boost
* Admin & Player events.
* Very Friendly & Active Admins.
* Hub & Market.
* Vendors for character custom
* Daily & Weekly Quests.
* Mount Vendor.
* Arena
* Quests being added all the time.
Server Owner: Dizzyllama
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