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For hundreds of years the Pale Wilds was just a forgotten land. Then people and creatures from the Exiled lands and the Isle of Siptah found their way there. The Pirate Queen Amelia and her crew was one of the first, Then came the Hyboreans, and Cimmerians and more. The Alliance of Stormhold (Elvanor and Felgarth) came to the island a few years later. Then came the Cold Embrace and the Vanghouls.
The Pirate Queen keeps her people safe in the Shanty Town of Port RageWind. She watches from atop her home, waiting to see the factions next moves.

The Factions:

Order of Felgarth
The order of Felgarth sent their wisest scholars to those new discovered lands to bring their organisation more knowledge and wisdom. Their main focus lies on seeking traces of ancient knowledge and any signs of magic on this island. They were able to establish the spire of Asaroth, a magical tower, far in the north of this fresh discovered land and they expect some wisdom hungry scholars soon.The order has good relations to the Stormhold alliance and the elven covenant. Some people say they have seen the scholars also around the cold embrace but those rumours aren’t confirmed yet.

The Alliance of Stormhold
The glorious leader, Marcus Fall, prepared his troops for the expedition to the pale wilds as soon as he got the information about this mysterious new land. Marcus hopes to find new allies for his ever growing alliance to strengthen once more his influence across the world. He sent his best men and women to build up an outpost and set foot. Besides finding new allies they also try bring order to the pale wilds and protect the weak. They have good relationships to the elven covenant and the order of Felgarth while the tension between them and the cold embrace and vanghouls grows more and more.

The Vanghoul clans
The pale wilds caught the interest of the bloodthirsty overlord, Gathon Bloodfist, pretty soon. His plans for the pale wilds are simple. He wants to expand his lands and crush whoever tries to stand in his way. They arrived at the wilds around the same time as their allies, the cold embrace, and their weapons are ready to crush the skulls of their enemies.

The Elven Covenant
The high elder of the covenant sent their scouts to the pale wilds in order to discover this mysterious place. They arrived almost the same time as the alliance of Stormhold and were able to built an outpost in this strange new land. The curious elves are there to discover more about the nature of this land and will do anything to protect it. They have relationships to the alliance of Stormhold and the Order of Felgarth. It all seemed peacefully for them till the Cold Embrace and the Vanghouls arrived. Both of them are a threat to the nature of this land and the Covenant will try everything to prevent any harm to it.

The Cold Embrace
Lord Anarious has heard that the so called alliance of Stormhold and it's allies have travelled to a mysterious island called The Pale Wilds and it wasn't long before the Vanghouls got wind of this too, Lord Anarious could not risk the other factions gaining more power and influence in those lands so he orders his son Skyre and his daughter Errynaya to assemble their troops and make way for this forgotten land. once they arrived they found out that Stormhold and its allies had already dug in and looked ready to fight to the death to keep it.

The Cold Embrace is allied with the Vanghoul clans and has some sort of connection to the order of Felgarth too while their relationships to the rest of the factions is close to war. But lord Anarious‘ forces are prepared for whatever comes.
Server Owner: seawolf974
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