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Posted by Fredfredburger

I've been playing on this server for a few years now. The concept makes it worth a try, but the players make it worth saying. Not only do you get to tell your own story, but you become a part of a bigger story. The mods are great, and complement what the Server Owners bring to the table; story, questlines, plot, and lore. Fuckery is not tolerated, so trolls get 86's quickly. If you're looking for a place to RP or a place to learn to RP, you've found your home.

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Server Description
Serve The Beam (18+ E/RP/PvE)
Exiled Lands

Serve The Beam is a Lore based Server where players work to help build the continuous Server Lore. The server thus far is rich and full of History that the players have helped mold over 3 seasons. The Lore itself is High Fantasy with a community filled with like minded laid back players. The Community is small and intended to find players who wish to help fill the server with interesting and diverse characters, all working to fulfill their own goals and agendas while facing the threats of the realms with other players. Most of our players are in their 30's and the Server is intended for mature players who wish to develop characters and tell stories. We have active Admins who work with players to fulfill their ideas on development and story lines. In Game custom quest lines and lore to be discovered.

Server Info:
Available Races:
Elven + Drow
(A Fae race is available but requires a quest line due to past Lore)

RP/Realm related events

Realm Control/Leadership
Religious Discourse
Much more

Dudes Delightful Deco
Exiles Extreme
Outfit Manager Beta
Grim Productions
Beyond Theatrics
Barbarian Barber
Akuba's Salon
Warrior Mutator
Thrall Wars Duneon Mod
Unlock Plus (With Pick Up)

We work to keep our Mod count low being as AOC is so expansive. Mods are subject to change at the end of each Season with active players having input into possible changes. We have sales in place for all AOC materials to make the grind of AOC easier for our players.

Server Owner: ServeTheBeam
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