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Tired of the normal server with the same stuff? Come try Bleeding Souls and Fairy Tales. Fight some crazy lesbians or have a sword war with some horny fairy shemales!!!! Go on quests and collect Butt Plugs and Vials of “Lotion” to trade for the best weapons ....

We have all the normal crap like community center and market place blah. blah. Daily and weekly rewards for playing.

Builders and Content Contributors always welcome just message an admin in discord.

**Warning 18+
**Warning highly modded

?Player PvP 24/7
?Raid weekends
?Drop shit on death
?Keep hot bar
?3x Harveat
?2x XP from killing
?Sped up thrall breaking or whatever you call it
?Slowed down hunger and thirst
?Race and Class system
?No dumb consent sheet to fill out
?Don’t have to “Announce” that you are raiding... ?Raiding on the weekends only.

Server Owner: kccosystema
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