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Server Reviews
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Posted by Drekdon

Great server, great admins, great community. Thanks for all the work!

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Posted by KurganTSL

I have to say, that the combination of mods, players and admin have made my stay here quite fun. I just wanted to say thank you. This is an awesome server, bring yer A game.

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Posted by brandonavan

I came back to AoC this past week and tried a couple different servers with Siptah. I tried this one and the welcome you get and support with info you ask if great. The admin is very active and responds quickly!

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Posted by SlayersSenpai

super fun big grind so u dont get everything in one day is super fun

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Posted by Unendingxp

WOW with the player camps that have been made just keeps getting better and better this server thank you all for contribution. I won't be leaving server anytime soon and thank you for the X-Mas gifts ! Server is supportive and fun what else can you ask for?

Profile Picture
Posted by EvilFocker

If you want a fun time call Bronco lol. No serious server is getting better each week it seems. Admins seem to care about what we want to play and how the changes affect everyone as a whole. DS server has my vote for now and I am looking forward to changes. I do like the fact that Bronco has said that he will not reset the server unless it's needed to me this is a godsend. Fun server to play on need more to get in our traps >;)

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Server Description
The Dirty South has came back to The Exiled Lands .

As much as we have loved playing on Siptah , we decided to go Exiled Lands and experience all the Content and fun AoC and EEWA have to offer .

This Server has something for everyone . From building amazing structures for the PVE players that can not be destroyed . To out in the open would PVP for the PVP players .

We have created a non toxic play field for both sides .

Our Community takes all ideas and talks about them for ideas for the server from adding mods to server settings . Everyone has a voice in the Dirty South .

We have /kits , teleports , a market with an active economy

The list goes on .

If you have questions there is a Direct link to our discord on this page or you can copy and past this to your Discord / webpage .

Our branch of the Dirty South does not believe in Structure wiping players , Offline raiding , or pay to win servers . We have played on many server seeing how toxic these types of things become and are not interested in implementing these values on to our Conan Server.

Hope to see you out there !!!
Server Owner: Bronco40
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