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Server Description
{✧Acharon’s fallen PvE/PvP +18 Isle Of Siptah✧}
{✧Server Direct Link:}
Greetings from Acharon’s fallen! We’re a freshly wiped server that focuses on fantasy elements and the lore of Isle Of Siptah. We’re fresh and few, but we work on the server day and night to keep our server interactive, interesting, and welcoming to new and old role players.

{Our core features are:}
✧ Custom Races with attribute bonuses and role play bonuses
✧ Fantasy customization for your race
✧ Custom Kit selections with leveling boost of 60
✧ Custom Monster/bounty hunting
✧ Quicker leveling, gathering and crafting x3
✧ Longer days and lower idle thirst x0.5
✧ Balanced PvP
✧ Max level of 300 with the max of 780 attribute points.
✧ Building and purge damage off
✧ Community crafting station with T4
✧ Player market
✧ Safe-zones with prohibited PvP conflicts
✧ Faction driven RP/PvP conflict
✧ 18+ Community
✧ Mature Content/Erotic role play themes
✧ Custom curses and monster players.

{Features we’re working on!}
Developing a mod specified to our server, class specifications, custom questlines, caravan and traveling system, and faction events on the weekends.

Join us to get settled into our world at the best building spots with focused role-play. The staff of Acharon’s fallen welcome you into our server and want you into our community. Our stories have just begun!
Server Owner: AveryMagister
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