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Posted by Mongbrood

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming server than Dark Decention. We found DD after a spate of terrible servers, and what a relief it's been. Admins who actually know things, and listen to suggestions, and help when Funcom quirks arise! DD is quiet, a lot of the time, as it's still building a solid player-base. Its max size is currently 20 (expect that to go up soon), with around 6-10 on at a time. Because of the great RP and tons of PVE content, not to mention their really cool server mod (with lots of unique and bespoke items), this server is definitely going to grow. Get in while the gettin's good!

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Posted by Sephie

I've played a lot of servers. Honestly, I always got the same feeling. I was just another person out of the 100 that played. Nothing really made a lasting impression, and neither did I. Admins would always do their thing but the players just didn't care about anyone else. It's not really the server's fault but that's just how it was. On this server, I actually feel welcome and like my interactions/efforts are actually appreciate. At first, it was a little slow but that just gave me a chance to build. After that though, there are enough people that you can always go to one of the hubs for RP if you can't find any. If you are more into PvE they have EEWA and have some really difficult dungeons for you to do! There is also a PvP area, but I suck at it so I never go there personally. Anyways, to the point. The server is fun to play on, slow but rewarding, and I feel like the server works together to make it better. Both players, and the Admin team (who do really awesome!) They even have their own server mod!

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Posted by Taesk450

Love is felt by all and on server! Give at least a little time and you will like the server and the people on it!

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Posted by Sephie

I think everyone should try this server!

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Posted by KonanVeselo

Is very fun server, with good admin team, they make feel wanted even if your english not the best. All players is very friendly and helpful to new player, This is the server I stay

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Posted by SuccubusKitara

haha I see you Klara, much love from everyone on the server

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Server Description
Is an 18+ RP-based server, please join our discord for any rules or other information
We hope to see you in-game!
Server Owner: SuccubusKitara
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