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Server Description
Warlock Warz is guaranteed to be one of your most unique Conan Exiles server experiences.

With 24/7 PvP, Weekend Raids, Magic and Kingdoms, it is already far beyond most of the common modded servers. However, the overall design made for consistent wars and growth is what sets this server apart. Here is a quick summary of what to expect.

The most unique feature is the fact that this is 2 SERVERS in one!

The PvP Server is Warlock Warz and is built upon the Exiled Lands Map (The PlagueLands)
The PvE Server is Warlock Peace and is built upon the Sapphire Map (The PureLands)

We have a portal that transfers players between both lands (PlagueLands PureLands) seamlessly while keeping all items intact.

The goal on this server is to create a character and choose one of the 2 available Alliances (Order or Chaos) once you awaken Conan will offer you a Race and Class and teleport you to the City where your adventure begins.

As you kill and survive in the land, you will receive tokens based on your Alliance choice which can be turned in at the City to increase your Alliance’s ARP (Alliance Reputation Points).

The overall goal is to explore the land and capture one of the 7 Capitals that have been placed by the Empire. Holding these Capitals for an extended time will increase the score of the Alliance holding it and once win conditions are met, the Season ends.

Alliances will gather ARP and use it to purchase special Defenders (Warlock Guards) and other defenses to bolster the Capitals and keep the opposition from claiming them.
In the middle of this all-out war, there is also the addition of:

• Extreme Magic (FoE)
• Flying Mounts
• Elite Teams (Cabals)
• DMT, Krabbit and Emberlight features
• lvl 300 LvL Cap
• 300 Max Attributes.

On top of it all, players who fight hard and earn on the PvP server, at any time can go to the city and find the portal to be transferred to the PureLands of Warlock Peace.

There, PvP does not exist and all items won on Warlock Warz can be used to build an estate for yourself on the new and constantly growing Sapphire Map.
Other features included across both servers are:

• Server Sync Teleport and Mail System for sending items across servers
• Global Link Server Chat: The "Empire" chat is the default Global chat that expands across both servers. Messages with a "globe" icon next to them represent a message from across the server.
• Fist of Essence Magic System + Krabbit, DMT, and Emberlight Spells
• Race, Class, Superclass and Elite Class system
• Reputation, Alliance Reputation and Loyalty system, all offer different rewards and different ways to earn them.
• Safe Rooms for Rent - Players can rent rooms that are built by Admin, with free crafting stations to use. Pay rent and room lasts a Season
• Offline Protection - Warlock Defenders are guards who never leave their posts and can shoot projectiles at very far distances and 1-shot most they hit. Fire, Ice, Poison and Shock available
• Voting Reward System and Webshop – by visiting the website players can vote daily on our listing sites and receive in game rewards instantaneously. These votes also earn Webshop tokens, which players can visit to purchase bundles that are immediately transferred in game upon purchase.

There is a lot more to list, however exploration keeps the blood burning, so come on in and make your mark in either the PlagueLands or PureLands.
Join Today and Earn Your Place

Warlock Warz (PlagueLands): Query:27045
Warlock Peace (PureLands) : Query:27054

Discord: https://discord.gg/MjNfnYYngV
Website: http://www.warlockwarz.com
Mod Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1261931524
Server Owner: Krysez
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