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How to Succeed in Warlock Warz

The Kingdoms In this land of desires and desolation, two Kingdoms have sprung from the ashes to rule. However, there are more exiles then areas to habitat and it’s becoming obvious that only one Faction will rule the future of the land.

These two Alliances are appropriately named The Allegiance of Order and the Legion of Chaos Order is located East of New City and is easily recognizable from the amount of green visible across the land. Chaos is in the West and is full of Desert and Poisonous fumes.

Alliances are chosen at Birth and the ability to worship specific religions comes along with the choice. Those who choose Order worship the deities of Mitra, Ymir and Jhebbal Sag, And those of Chaos worship Set, Yog, and Derketo. The ability to build these Shrines are given immediately. Also, upon Birth at New City, you will run into Conan. Speak to him.

The rulers of each land are given a Magical Mask that will allow them access to their Kingdom’s vault (You can only open the vault door by having the Mask in your Backpack or Shortcut Bar) The vault has a Loot Box inside. Every 3 days the loot box will fill up with tons of resources. It is up to the ruler to decide how to distribute these resources. They can decide to either use them all on the Castle, hoard them for future use or to hand them out to loyal citizens to either help build up the Kingdom or other utilities. There are also some magical items the Ruler can either keep for themselves or give to their Champions.

The Kingdoms also are responsible for sending their representatives to the scheduled Arena Event to earn more resources for their allegiance. If Chaos sends 5 members and Order only sends 2, the match will still commence at the disadvantage to Order.

The most important thing to understand about Warlock Warz is gaining Loyalty & Alliance Reputation! The win condition for each season is a certain amount of loyalty points and once that is reached a winner is declared and a new season starts. A new season means all clan possessions are destroyed and players must remake their characters.

Warlock Warz has two factions – Order and Chaos – and you choose one at character creation. There are no benefits or penalties for choosing either it is more a reflection of your character's philosophy. If you want to play the “I am strong so I take what I want” character then Chaos is for you. Alternately you can choose the “protect the weak and bring law to the lands” kind of champion in which case Order is where you will want to go.

Each faction has a dedicated clan – Order Alliance and Chaos Alliance. You have the option to create your own clan or not join a clan; however, a lone player is easy pickings for the opposing faction. It is highly recommended to reach out to your faction ruler and join the dedicated clan. This will give you protection and help when needed and you get the benefit of using the faction base. You have the option to build your own base, just remember that building a base and being able to defend a base are two different things.

Warlock Warz is intentionally designed to allow players to enter the game and level up quickly so they can get into the war. Harvesting is set high (100X) to allow for base construction (and destruction) without a huge grind. It all revolves around creating conflict and big battles to prevent the opposing faction for gaining enough loyalty to claim victory.

Loyalty points are gained from several sources which will be covered below:
1) Killing NPCs – this is the most common way to gain loyalty tokens as every npc you kill has a chance to drop either Order or Chaos loyalty token. Make sure you loot all corpses and take those tokens!

Tokens for your faction can be turned in at New City to increase your team’s loyalty rating. Tokens for the opposing faction can be converted to silver using the /convert command. Chaos uses the /convert Gold command Order uses the /convert Silver command Each 100 of the opposing Alliance's Tokens is worth 1 Gold

2) There are currently seven (7) capitals in the exiled lands listed below: a. Summoning Place b. Black Galleon c. Buccaneer Bay d. Sepermeru e. New Asagarth f. Mounds of the Dead g. Volcano Claiming these capitals and holding them rewards loyalty points every hour so allowing the other team to gain and hold all of them is a quick way to start a new season. If you want to try and claim one of the capitals, look for the capital guard and talk to them. (You must have a Capital Throne in your Possession to try to Conquer the Land)

New City
This is the hub of Warlock Warz and many vendors can be found there. As stated earlier, the focus is on conflict and battles and not grinding gear. There are weapon and armor vendors for end game items based on your rank within your faction. Explore the city, talk to the vendors, and if you have any questions ask in your alliance chat.

It is set up on top of City Hall in New City (by the new Mini Map Room) There is an Order Cabal and a Chaos Cabal. For just 3000 of your opponent's tokens (So, Order members need Chaos Tokens and vice versa) you can enter the door and click on the sign there to join the Cabal. You will immediately gain perks, blessings, and special items to help you represent your Alliance Cabal. Later, using Cabal Doors and Gates, we will have certain areas only those Cabal members can enter. More to come

Reputation Arenas
You won't go far in this land without gaining some reputation. These areas are designed to test your prowess and see if you have what it takes to survive. Many rewards are available to those with high Reputation, so get started!

Gaining Loyalty
You gain loyalty for every Alliance Token you turn in at New City. You can also gain an hourly Loyalty bonus for capturing Capitals in the name of your Alliance. Loyalty permits all kinds of rewards that show off your contribution to your Alliance and to the land.

Respect the Ruler
Do not neglect your Ruler as you stand little chance of surviving alone in these hostile lands. The Ruler is the most powerful player on either Alliance because of the frequent bonuses they receive for holding the Crown. Find and Respect Your Ruler.

What You Are Here For
Most of you have played Conan Exiles before...but this is NOT Conan Exiles. This isn't the place for building beautiful structures and starting a farm. Warlocks are on the constant lookout for hidden bases to raid and every day means another Warrior can Ascend and become too powerful for you to escape. When you join an alliance, you are meant to fight for that Alliance, not alone in the wild. Meet your Ruler and do as they ask to make the Kingdom expand. Take treasured resource locations from the enemy by building Forts in the location and placing Defenders to dissuade raiding. Rulers also need to be more active in Ruling and less in Questing for more strength.

Give jobs to your citizens and strategize ways to take large swaths of land as your own. Use your twice a day Kingdom Kits to actually take over entire areas and place your flag.

It will be along while before victory points are achieved, so plan to make a stand for a while and then plan to take more. There are so many ways to earn materials and feat points and experience that you should never worry about losing it all or grinding back to your previous position.

Growth is inevitable. The question is....who will win the Season? Will you do your part? It is up to YOU to make this the best server ever. let's go Warlocks and Warriors!
Server Owner: Krysez
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