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Server Reviews
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Posted by midgetmonster

Great server with loads of helpful and friendly players, amazing staff, and fun custom content. If you're new to the game and RP world or if your returning from a long break, this is the server to come to!

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Posted by Lpunit

Lead admin knows the Conan tech very well. Highly recommend this server to anyone looking for an immersive RP experience. Good use of Pippi and other mod features.

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Posted by rksilvally

Great server with active, super helpful staff members who are obviously invested in the server and a welcoming community. Definitely worth hopping on if you're looking for an E/RP server!

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Posted by DarkwraithJinx

95/100 it's a great server with a great community, theres draw backs here and the like strict ruling and the ocasional drama flair up, but over all the best conan e/rp server ive found thus far, youve done great odd keep up the good work

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Posted by Oddree404

Hey, this is my own server! I'm really excited to get started into the new year! We've never had a wipe and we don't intend to! We know Conan Devs like to make life hard for servers but we're prepared and ready! We hope to see you at Vehement!

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Server Description
Vehement is the Exiled Lands meets Fantasy and Magic. Immerse yourself in a world warped by the many planes of existence. The Vehement Settlement is the first to try and establish a peaceful order, but there are those who oppose and wish for control. Where is your heart? We build the story and develop the world together at Vehement. Join a home that puts Community first. We offer a unique character profile system to give you the ability to thoroughly create a character and set your level of expectations. We know you will fit perfectly into the world and discover its dangerous secrets! Join Vehement.
Server Owner: Oddree404
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