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Posted by Cadizftp1

This one of the best servers i have played on. As a solo player its rough getting the Bosses down, but here the people come and help each other with fighting and supplies and there is always a friendly atmosphere. Come join for a day and you leave.

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Posted by hashino

The best Conan server by far! I have been on all kinds of servers and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this one, there is simply none with the dedication of Sanctum of Cthulhu, daily and amazing events and at various times, an excellent selection of mods and exclusive extra content of the server, dungeons,Incredible kits, the dedication and love of its admin is evident in every detail from beginning to end. This server is the only home you need in Conan, the progress and leveling are super fun. If you think that the pve is boring, as it happened to me before I met the server, error! Soon opening its doors with two new PvP servers and another one for RP, can't wait! Join for some amuuuuzing experience! ?

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Posted by OrgasmicallyLina

I've been playing on this server for some time and I must say it's the most welcoming and friendly server that I have been on and I have been on a few, not only are the admins top notch everyone as a whole totally rock, I've def found home here.

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Posted by Osaris

An amazing server with dedicated and helpful staff. They have fun events and a great community.

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Posted by letheadmin

I only recently started playing on this server, but the admins are top notch. Super helpful, friendly and professional! Great team, great servers, and great community. I play as Thunder/Thundercloud over there. Look me up!

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Posted by Mxrider772

This is by far one of the best server's I've ever played on. Not even just Conan-wise. - The admins are top-notch and are always available to help. - The server is almost ALWAYS up, and if it's down, they mentioned why, how long, and usually compensate if it's bad. - Wipes are rare, but welcome when they do come. - There is so many events that are so well done that it makes it more of a social game on top of the already fun Conan Exiles. - There is an economy, a good population of people, and more. I could go on for days, but honestly I highly recommend this server above any of the others.

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