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Posted by brigbardot

i was looking for a modded pve server where i could play by myself or with a couple of friends but surrounded by other people. I tried to do a solo play but it just isn't the same. I found Land of the Gods and it is a great community with very helpful and nice group of players. its a great server and very well run and maintained.i am fairly new but so far i really like it.

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Posted by gamerguy2187

I've played on a lot of different CE servers, including hosting my own for years. This server by far has the best setup i've seen. Multiple maps, Custom Map (Underworld) actively being worked on by the owner. Lots and lots of custom content, daily quest, markets, arenas, etc etc etc! There's always something to do and always a friendly face on. The community is extremely helpful and admins are always on top of things. Come check them out!

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Posted by LisaJayne

Not just the fact you have EVERY map here and quick and easy ways to get to them with your same character, There is lots more ... and I more.. LOTS.. you can ascend your character you can do Quests and EVENTS, the admin team are super friendly the community is just amazing. This server is like.. A 1 stop server.. No need to go anywhere else as this place as everything.. Come by and try yourself. Don't take my word for it.. or the people that have wrote on here saying the same thing.. Try it out and see for yourself.. I could go on and on about it.. but would spoil so much. Hope to see you in the server ~ Anya ~

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Posted by Eriell

The best server I've ever played on! Or I should say, "Server Cluster" 4 servers connected and accessible by a quick and simple warp system. Custom content galore plus a friendly and helpful admin team and group of players as well. I highly recommend this server!

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Posted by robertmac502

Why settle to build your home on one map, when you can build a home on them ALL! On Outcast you can easily move from one map to the next. Which means if one server needs a wipe, you can protect your character, your levels and everything else you worked hard for by moving it to another map until the new one is ready. No more character wipes! The server owner is a top notch conan modder, so you won’t find another server that runs as smoothly. We have FUN here!! Come join us!!

Profile Picture
Posted by jonastoth

there is a LOT to do on this server.. Not just a cookie cutter server at all. Many custom things. No way you can discover everything in less than a month of playing

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Server Description
Outcast Exiles – Land of the Gods
Exiled Lands

Siptah - Outcast Exiles - Land of the Gods
Isle of Siptah

SW - Outcast Exiles - Land of the Gods EEWA/AOC/300/Riverboats
Savage Wilds

UW - Outcast Exiles - Land of the Gods EEWA/AOC/300/Riverboats

We have a selection of mods to add content, style and functionality which all helps to create a unique land to live in and have a huge amount of custom content! We are a friendly gang, very active, happy to help new and veteran players with the basics or the mods that we know very well. Recently added a brand new, completely custom built Underworld map! You can travel between all of the maps with the same character as easy as entering a dungeon! Global chat is linked across the servers. We run PVE on all servers. Relaxed atmosphere with;

Starter kits
Good xp/crafting/harvesting rates
Custom dungeons
Custom quests and daily quests
Markets – player & admin vendors,
Bankers for currency exchanges
Flying Mounts & Shapeshifting
Automated pve arenas (you pay, you fight!)
XL Arenas for epic group battles with custom enemies
Taverns & gambling
Jousting, horse racing & pvp arena
Ascension tower (extra faction tokens & more when you ascend)
Fighters, Thieves, Mages, Assassins Guilds for quests, vendors, magic guides
Mythic Damage kits
Eldritch quest and item unlocks
Unique pets & more!

Mods Include;
Darkwoods and more on the link below!

Reviews and stats on Topconanservers, currently highest rated EU server thanks to awesome community!


Warps, tpr and sethome enabled, mod list and discord below –
Outcasts & Exiles defeat your enemies, ascend and become a god!
All are welcome!

Server Owner: Jintao
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