IP Address:
Query Port: 27016
Country: CA Canada
Owner: sixxgunz
Players: 70
Average: 4 players
Website: WorldWarGaming.Net
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 31
Map: The Exiled Lands
Current Players: 7/70 (Auto-Updates)
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Posted by Profile Picture NelH 1 week ago
@SixxGunz Just wonder if you guys will restart the server sometime recently? I kept getting dumped out after few seconds logging into the server while everything goes fine with other mod thanks!
Posted by Profile Picture Skard 1 week ago
@SixxGunz here is the discord invite you post on your page which is invalid
Posted by Profile Picture Skard 1 week ago
@SixxGunz the URL listed here is broken and the discord invite on your actual website is no longer valid just FYI. Id appreciate a chance to speak to you in private feel free to message me in steam when you are available. Peace
Posted by Profile Picture Skard 2 weeks ago
1st - this server is definitely about the Building and the PVP. 2nd - the physics are the LEAST grindy Ive ever seen. 3rd - the Newbie Starter Pack is very generous!! 4th - owners and admins are available and responsive on discord but dont leave a heavy footprint. Finally they do events with amazing rewards. WELL DONE War World Gaming!!
Posted by Profile Picture Clepto 2 months ago
This is a REAL CE server with REAL administration a group of administrators that monitor whats happening and ensure that their community has the best playing experience they can. New players get startup kits right before entering the Exiled lands. While there are some bullshit comments that make this server look immature rest assured - the admins are not.
Posted by Profile Picture iron_claugh 2 months ago
WorldWar-Gaming wərld-wore-gay-men noun 1. A fantasy gaming server focused on community led by strong administrators. A fun gaming community in an otherwise buggy world.

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