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Exiles of Atlantis RP/PVP 3xAll [Events/RULES]
Query Port: 27016
Country: US United States
Owner: MrArmyVeteran
Players: 50
Website: exilesofatlantis.enjin...
Status: Online
Game Mode: PvP
Rank: 18
Map: The Exiled Lands

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Posted by Profile Picture Lilbit 2 weeks ago
Ive never seen her kick anyone who didnt deserve it. Shes been quite moderate but when you continue to argue when youre told to stop ... its just not the best course of action. Azragam learn how to talk to people in authority. Rules are rules ...
Posted by Profile Picture Jupy 2 weeks ago
It is also under the authority of the admin to deal with rule-breakers however they like as long as it follows protocol. Being demolished by a god is not unheard of. Staff are picked very carefully to avoid dishonest behavior for best server experience. We hope that you can find a better experience on another server.
Posted by Profile Picture Jupy 2 weeks ago
judgement lightly and everyone gets a fair warning which was most likely ignored in your case. You were removed from discord not banned. You could at any time rejoined and appealed or give constructive feedback. Instead you chose to lash out and make personal attacks which confirms that you are not suited for this server.
Posted by Profile Picture Jupy 2 weeks ago
@Azragam we apologize that we could not provide you with a pleasant experience here on this server. I understand that your comment might have been written down hastily with mixed emotions but please do not antagonize the server admin. It is very immature and disrespectful. The admins DO NOT pass down
Posted by Profile Picture Al_the_Destroyer 3 weeks ago
This server has some of the most active admin/mod corps of any Ive ever played on. The reason theyre tough is because anyone who has played this game for any length of time knows there are trolls everywhere I.e. Azragam. They keep trash like him and others off the server so those who really are interested in community can enjoy one.
Posted by Profile Picture Azragam 3 weeks ago
Thumbs down. Server was great until the only other admin besides the server owner became a tyrant who kicks and bans anyone who doesnt agree with her. NO GODS on the server but shell god you just because she can. Hope staffing changes come soon!

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