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Khultan is a Rp server set in the world of Conan with some light lovecraftian and fantasy elements tied into it.

Exile, for yes, that is what you are an exile from your home. Forced out by the hands of Thoth Amon and his schemes, whether you were once a noble prince or a common thief none of that matters now, for now you find yourself caught in another one of the mad sorcerer's plots. Left to rot out in this strange land, a land once ruled over by the giant kings.

Ancient beings of great magical power whom built the walls that keep you, the bearer of the bracelets within its walls. Whom created the races of the voidlings and other great and powerful forces that roam these lands. By taping into the veil the terrible source of all magic, they construct this prison and Thoth Amon sends more of your kind to it by the day... What kind of plans he has for you, is yet to be seen but know this Exile. Your every action is being watched and accounted for by those whom can come and go freely from this land.

Starting area with race select.
Hub quests and venders for coin, public crafting stations.
Gold has importance, if you have a gold coin you should feel important.
/home has a cost of bronze per use, and /set home can only be done once a day.
Features will be refined and expanded as community grows.
New dungeons and quests will be added over time.
Importance on player story.
PVP arena for coin.
World events that help shape conflict built by players.
Veil breaks, events in which a grid becomes a chaotic land of demons and other terrors that must be repelled.
Past level 60 you can use /kit to get 38 extra attribute points every 10 levels up to level 120
Server Owner: Regneir
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