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Server ID 76991847
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Map The Exiled Lands
Country United States
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Apr 28, 2021
Last Seen 4 minutes ago
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Server Reviews
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Posted by North224

I want to give an honest and fair review, so I will break my review down into sections; Community, Server Quality and Roleplay. Community: Like many people have already stated here, I honestly think it would be a challenge to find a more welcoming and friendly community. The Staff are great and are always prepared to help, whatever the circumstances. People that are long standing members of the community help to answer any questions that one might have with quests & items. Server Quality: Not much needs to be said here, but between the mixture of the curated mods and events, that server makes itself stand out from the rest. Roleplay: Utterly amazing, every interaction I have had whether it be hostile or not, it has driven the story and been very inclusive, allowing new players to enjoy the fun and get started in other peoples stories. Summary: If you are looking for a new, fair Conan server, I highly recommend The Forsaken Blade.

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Posted by Nigelmorbid

Amazing group of RP'ers. Fantastic admins, very much on the ball. Caring and helpful. So glad to be a part of this community.

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Posted by Versonach

First ConanRP server I've played on consistently, and there's a very good reason for that: it's fun. The community is incredibly accepting and supportive, allowing you to truly create and enact the stories you want to. The administrative team is quite possibly the most helpful team I've ever come across in any game, assisting you with any problems you have, or pointing you in the right direction if it isn't something they can solve for you. An immersive game world that nicely blends their own unique lore with Conan Exiles', creating a wonderful new story experience. Friendly community, amazing administration, and a fantastic setting. What are you waiting for?

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Posted by Kriorr

So i am completely new to Conan RP, never really new the backstories of DnD or anything like that, this has been an awesome change of pace, i came into this server not knowing how my character is or what his backstory was going to be, but the interactions that i have made created my characters back story, this server has helped me so much, and be more comfortable with my imagination, this server is definitely worth the visit.

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Posted by keiraskyler

Amazing server, best, most accepting community Ive ever been part of. Serious, amazing and imaginative RP only!

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Posted by LunarMynx

After searching for nearly a year, finally, a server means what it says. RP focused and immersive. There are enough starter items and daily rewards grinding away the game is not needed. There always seems to be RP happening.

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Server Description
The Forsaken Blade

Discord: discord.gg/Hpud7cG - Server Password can be found in the Discord
Mod List and Lore can also be found in the Discord

In The Forsaken Blade, our goal is to provide a community, player friendly environment. We aim to shape our server based on what our community wants. There are many kits available for free, as well as for purchase, as well as a starter city filled with anything and everything one might need to get started. We encourage players to create their own hubs and play in whichever play style they prefer. We offer the ability to grind as little, or as much as you would like. We are here to focus on enabling RP and having fun. If you have any questions at all, feel free to join the discord and make a ticket! P.s. We’re still new and growing nicely! Come and join us!

Just a few of our Features and Settings:
-Kits with levels, starter tools, gear, supplies, emotes, etc.
-3x Harvest
-10x Storage Container Capacity
-ERP friendly
-A vast marketplace
-2x XP
-Quicker Crafting/Thrall Conversion
-More Stamina
-No Decay or Damage(until a raid is declared)
-0.1 Item Spoil rate
-Loose World Background, play your character how you want!
-Questlines for Skelos items
-Much, much more!
Server Owner: katapultx
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