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Server Reviews
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Posted by AbbadonEL

The best server out there...And no I'm not a paid advertiser either haha. The admin are wonderful, helpful, friendly, and fair. Priscilla the server owner is a amazing, fun person who tries to make sure everyone is having fun and a good experience on her server, wether it's giving them tips, holding events, or simply talking to them. I highly recommend this server, specially if your into rp.

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Posted by Eriell

Absolutely the best server I've ever played on. The admin team is always available and helpful and the community is friendly and welcoming. All the fun mods and custom content, too! You won't find a better run server anywhere.

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Posted by HeinricusII

Absolutely one of the best servers and groups this side of the internet.

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Posted by WhoShotMe

I joined the server recently & I am enjoying it the community is really nice & helped me out because I am newer to AOC. They have certain rules to cutdown on lag which is great for everyone. Gather rate is a little higher than what I like but definitely enjoying the sever!

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Posted by HeinricusII

Joined this server a while ago and I honestly don't want to go anywhere else. A great relaxed community that is friendly and fun.

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Posted by wolfxj

The best modded server I've played in a very long time, due to the community and great admins.

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Server Description
Here at Realm of Freedom we care about our player’s opinions and so we have a implemented a vote system where you can tell us what you think about the server, as well as give us suggestions on things you think we can further improve upon. Our kind and helpful community is always willing to help new players with things such as purges, dungeons, information and more. Our staff is experienced in answering any questions, or solving any issues you may have. So come join us at the Realm of Freedom, we would love to have you in our flourishing community.

Discord: Join Our Discord!

From Priscilla and the Staff ✿
Server Owner: Prisci222
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