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Posted by Serryn

Super friendly and helpful Admin... the other users are also really helpful when needed. I've played Conan for a few years now and honestly this is the nicest, cleanest and well thought out server ive come across. It had everything we wanted in the one server... Player owned merchants, quests , low lag and responsive Admins/Mods. Highly recommend :D

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Posted by robertmac501

Great server with very helpful Admin and players!

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Posted by Erielle

Just joined this server and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the community and staff. Very organized and lots to do. The community are all very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this server!

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Posted by Oldetymer

Helpful server owners, good admin staff, and helpful players. I've learned a lot about the game from the back and forth when game related questions are asked in chat.

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Posted by wulfric123

The best server i have ever played! the Admins and the players are very friendly!

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Posted by Oldetymer

Very kind and helpful people. First time playing any game on a modded server and it was a bit overwhelming at first, but every question I have had was answered quickly and correctly without any sense that I was putting someone out by asking noob questions.

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Server Description
Here at Realm of Freedom we care about our player’s opinions and so we have a implemented a vote system where you can tell us what you think about the server, as well as give us suggestions on things you think we can further improve upon. Our kind and helpful community is always willing to help new players with things such as purges, dungeons, information and more. Our staff is experienced in answering any questions, or solving any issues you may have. So come join us at the Realm of Freedom, we would love to have you in our flourishing community.

Discord: Join Our Discord!

From Priscilla and the Staff ✿
Server Owner: Prisci222
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