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Posted by Ashanazai

great server...lots of fun things to do, and awesome admins/mods.....they make you feel right at home...really enjoying this server!!!!!!

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Posted by Secretjuice

Really love the admin team! Super helpfull and always ready to give a hand. The server is also full of custom content. Boss rush arena, a special daily dungeon and more! Really great community also plays there!

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Posted by dinodronzer

Great team and friendly community that help you to have fun playing.

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Posted by Noodle

Great team and nice community with custom pippi quests around.

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Posted by CarollChernij

Best server, with the best and most thoughtful Admins ? Big shout to Anthony for being so kind and caring!

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Posted by Vincie1992

Are you looking for a place that you can call home? YOU FOUND IT!!!! This server is awesome! Team and community are amazing and very helpful :D

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Server Description
Here at Realm of Freedom we care about our player’s opinions and so we have a implemented a vote system where you can tell us what you think about the server, as well as give us suggestions on things you think we can further improve upon. Our kind and helpful community is always willing to help new players with things such as purges, dungeons, information and more. Our staff is experienced in answering any questions, or solving any issues you may have. So come join us at the Realm of Freedom, we would love to have you in our flourishing community.

Discord: Join Our Discord!

From Priscilla and the Staff ✿
Server Owner: Prisci222
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