G.o.T. Conan? PvP/RP 5xAll

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Game Mode: PvP
IP Address:
Claim Port: 27271
Rank: 68   
Status: Online
Map: The Exiled Lands
Server Owner: TooOldToSolo
Player AVG(24hrs): 4
First Seen: October 16, 2018
Last Tracked: 3 minutes ago
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Server Description

Conan Exiles - PvP/RP

- Each clan starts with 1 province (grid square of the map) as their kingdom capital

- Each clan must assign roles within the clan (i.e. King/Queen, Duke, Knight, etc.) and may only have 1 King/Queen, Duke, Knight, etc.) and may only have 1 King/Queen per clan.

- The King/Queen governs the capital province and only the capital province.

- Server multiplier will be set to 5x resource and 5x experience.

- Players who are participating in the Game of Thrones have server priority over players that are not participating. (i.e. if your clan is participating in the Game of Thrones then they shouldn't have a problem logging onto the server especially during raid times.)

Times of War:
- Territories can be won or lost with the capture or destruction of an outpost.

War Decs:
Standard war dec rules apply but with the following exceptions:

- War decs are made against a kingdom and not a specific grid location. Any castle or outpost can
be attacked at any time within standard raid hours.

- It is the responsibility of the local Duke/Knight to defend or report to the king and activity on
his/her lands and call in the banners for support.

- Unauthorized building by another kingdom on your kingdom’s lands is valid RP war dec reason

- Caught trespassing on another kingdom’s land without having received permission with warnings is a valid RP war dec reason. (Hunting in the king’s forrest, stealing the king’s fish, etc.)

-KOS: (you cannot KoS in the designated RP zones without RP so technically KOS IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE RP SANCTUARY OF THE THE JUNGLE AND SOUTH OF NOOB RIVER. RPers if you venture beyond the protected lands you become fair game!)

- KOS is allowed at all times on the Game of Thrones map, however KOS is a valid RP war dec reason so beware of the consequences of your actions.

-KOS Camping someone’s body door or spawn point for no other reason then to grief them will not be tolerated.