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Server Reviews
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Posted by Sonyeou

I joined this server around May. After not playing CE for over 3 years this was my first pick and ouh girl ... and boy ... this was like a strike! Firstly: This is not a server for those, who want to play fast, build fast or whatever. Building takes time, crafting takes time. But if you are a relaxed player, who seeks community this one is for you. There are many unique places here. The Market, The City State of Miklagard, The Village of the Lost close by to the latter, the Ork Village ... Sometimes we even have little events. Like dancing to life (!) music, or - like right now in the December weeks - even a Christmas Market. Join this server and make friends. This is what you do here. And enjoying building or just looking at them. And don't even let me get started at the mod list ... Haspir already did that. :)

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Posted by Haspir

After 2k+ hours spent in Conan Exiles it’s the best server I ever saw. Mostly, because of it’s wonderful community. Also server has a perfectly balanced modlist, no lags (!!!), kind and kinky administration;)

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Posted by Cimonar

For a long time I have been looking for a server that offers me what I was looking for: a relaxed atmosphere, freedom of construction, an active community within which friendships can develop, a marketplace with the possibility of placing your own vendors, RP, an own discord channel, starter kits; in short, a wonderful gaming experience. And I found it on Erotic Sin. It's just fun to wander through the countryside, meet people in the tavern and dance with them (to music from a streaming radio) and chat, expand the base or run dungeons together. If you have problems or questions, other players or the admin will help you. All in all, a very clear recommendation for anyone looking for something similar.

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Server Description
Hello and welcome to the Erotic Sin Server.
You are free to do almost everything – just stay legal.
We do not have hard rules here but one: Please don’t block thrall spawns with your builds.
You can RP. You can stay to yourself or you can go into clans.
You can build or not at all (but you should at least make a little house).
For questions just ask them, we will try to help you if we can.
For offline talk you can go to our discord channel:

Notice that we have “/kit” ofr a starter kit of tools and weapons.
With “/sethome” you can make a place where you can teleport to with “/home”.
You can look at “/list warps” for other regions to teleport at fast, if you don’t want to stay at the river region for a settlement.
And now please have fun and just be nice.
Server Owner: IamLazy
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