Living Lands 18+ RP PVP

Game Mode: PvP
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Claim Port: 27143
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Map: The Exiled Lands
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First Seen: July 21, 2018
Last Tracked: 1 day ago
Server Mods: Pippi - User & Server Management -
Immersive Sexiles Extensions
Conan Sexiles
Savage Steel
WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
Admin Skelos Collector for WARRIOR Mutator
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Living Lands Server Mod



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Server Description

They expected you to die here, Exile. As the countless dead whose bones make up the sands within your newfound cage, stripped of all that once made you the man you were, to be forgotten. They expected that band on your wrist to keep you in your place. They expected your tale to be over, both in this life and the next. They expected wrong.

What fool damns a man with power such as yours? This is no shackle, Exile; it is opportunity. Ancient secrets lay buried in these sands, the Ghost Wall once had a master; it may well have another. Or perhaps, Exile, it is not you who has been trapped. But everyone else trapped with you, yours to conquer, to carve a kingdom out of the ruins. Away from the stagnation of the lands you once called home, open to new ideals, new ways. Perhaps you've been gifted with a test like no other, the Gods standing watch over your every deed to decide what sort of man you truly are.

This isn't the end, Exile; but a beginning. A chance to prove to those cowards who lacked the will to end you that these are not a land for the dead; but a land for the living.
Conan Exiles offers a unique opportunity for role play communities, a world that may literally be shaped by its players on a whim. We seek to make good on that promise as completely as possible. No goal is too grand (If even you may not succeed), no idea too big. Join, lead, or conquer the map's built in factions, or start a kingdom from scratch. Dig through long forgotten ruins for secrets man was never meant to hold, whatever your idea is, present it to our story tellers and we'll bring it to life. Or take advantage of the plots being run for the server at large, conquer keeps, keep the undead infestation around its walls, or cleanse it to bring the Exile Lands that much closer to an ideal home; more. Pippi in particular gives us the tools we need to change spawns, or leave a lasting mark in the setting with your actions.
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