Der Schwarze Turm [GER - RP]


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Server ID 76992475
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Map The Exiled Lands
Country Germany
Game Mode PvE
First Seen Jan 9, 2022
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After weeks of sailing through the nowhere of the Western Ocean, and after horrendous hardships, you arrive as the only survivor in an unknown, harsh, desert-like land. A land that years ago was known as "Exile" ... What will you do? Will you survive? If you make it to the Sepermeru, you may have all the possibilities ... Will you plunge into the intrigue of the mighty? Will you become a minion of Ibis? Or are you drawn further north?

We are a pure role-playing server and consistently play the Conan lore of the Hyborian Age. These are truly barbaric times, which we want to experience with our characters. Our characters are not familiar with modern ideology and technology, and have no place in our idea of this archaic low fantasy world, which is characterised by brutality, sexism and brute force. The "18+" is essential in all aspects. And yet: What we attach great importance to, apart from a high level RP, is a sensible "adult" way of dealing with each other, characterised by mindfulness and tolerance. It's not about "stronger, better, cooler" - no, often less is more: immersion and consistent, continuous character development are essential for the game as we see it.

The facts: GERMAN textbased rp, the vanilla exile map, a complex social structure and political landscape, many played NPCs, larger and smaller plots, atmospheric events, lots of NPC traders, a Babylonian language confusion (no bracelet!) etc.
Server Owner: Matari
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