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The House of Dragons is a casual PvE/PvP/Full Nudity enabled server created by a small group of friends intending to make it more public so those 20 slots get some use.

The mods we use are not heavy gameplay changers, if anything they more or less contribute to improving the vanilla experience Funcom designed. A full mod list has been posted below for those who are interested, but for the longer description of what our mods do:

- Aesthetical mods that offer extra armour sets, clothing sets, weapon sets, new weapon animations, decorative items and building packs, plus a UI upgrade for the game. Minimap included.

- A thrall mod that allows up to 3 followers to travel with you and gains shared experience. This may be reduced depending how it affects PvP. The admins of this server are very keen on providing the best experience they can and will listen to feedback.

- Up to 250 levels with a paragon system, keeping you very busy and always having something to unlock.

- Frequent purges with no time caps. The bigger your clan, the more often they come looking for you. Purge difficulty will be increased over time.

- An 18+ NSFW mod that enables "scenes" to be engaged for the more "lewd" type of player.

- A giant range of character customisation upgrades, including a brand new character creation system from Improved Quality of Life (IQoL). With RA Aesthetics, Fantasy, Grim Productions, and Barbarian Barber combined, enjoy over 100+ new hairstyles and RGB colour selection on most of your character's features. You could become a blue smurf if you really wanted to!

- Accessory Wardrobe system which works a bit like a character transmog/appearance system in your typical MMO game. It allows you to wear any items of clothing, accessories (jewellery, quivers, sword sheathes etc.), or even a whole different set of armor on top of your actual gear which provides stats. So if you're fed up of having legendary armour that doesn't suit your style, you can now change how you look while still keeping the great armour values and stats your original gear gives you.

Lastly, our server is kept as close to vanilla as possible. In terms of configuration, the only changes we've made include:

- Experience rates altered from 1.0x to 1.25x.

- Encumbrance speed increased, you're not so much a turtle but you will still walk when overloaded.

- Encumbrance in general has been buffed (meaning you can carry a bit more than vanilla before 100% weight).

- NPC damage values slightly reduced, as we don't believe Funcom has any clue what they are doing with creature balance.

- Stamina buffed very slightly, you should be able to sprint and attack a few more times before reaching 0.

- Days and nights are slightly longer.

- Maelstroms and Storms are turned on and they are terrifying!


There are minimal rules to The House of Dragons, PvP/PvE is enabled. We encourage all to play the way they want to play. Admins will not interfere and there is no favouritism here.

- Don't be a dick, our job is not to tell or teach you how to be mature individuals. Instead we're just going to kick you if you cause any trouble for others that is outside of actually playing the game. So this would include racism, sexism, discussions that tend to get heated like politics etc.

- Cheating or exploiting of any kind, need we really say it? Banned, without chance of appeal and reported to Funcom.

- Have fun, and if you have any feedback or problems of any kind, the admins of this server are very understanding, fair and active daily. Head to the admin-assistance and someone will be with you shortly.
Server Owner: Vyollets
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