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Server ID 76992378
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Map The Exiled Lands
Country Germany
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Nov 22, 2021
Last Seen 2 minutes ago
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Posted by UVGenesis

This server has been my go to server for the past month or two, the population has been slightly low, but everyone is friendly and offers some good RP. The admins are fast to get the server up during mod updates and are very open when there is an issue. Weekly events have been fun if not lacking in the player department and the rules are fair. The systems in place are still developing and any feedback given has been put into consideration which is appreciated.

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Server Description
The Edge ~ RP ~ PVPVE ~ 18+ 400x200

Map: Exiled Lands - Age of Calamitous overhaul
Themes: Dark, Adult (18+, full nudity), Other themes welcome but consent to said themes are mandatory for all parties involved.
Language: English - Server location: Frankfurt (Provider: g-portal)
Type: Role Playing server (Local chat is IC, RP names mandatory)
PvP: on, but no PvP before RP, and absolutely no kill on sight!

"As his shadow appeared from above, the flames burned vigorously. He had finally come to protect the lives of his worshippers who were on the run from their impending doom. Siege weapons were obliterated in a swift breath of pure and cleansing fire. The empire that had come to extinguish them had met their certain demise."

The Edge is a primarily RP/ERP-based server that aims to provide a high fantasy setting while still retaining the gritty elements of the vanilla Conan experience. The main mod used to achieve such balance is the Age of Calamitous mod, though it is by no means the only one. Our aim is to give players the chance to feel part of a dynamic system where their actions impact the day-to-day life of the world they find themselves in. The server allows adult behaviour and dark themes, in line with the savage, barbaric nature of the world of Conan, such as slavery, explicit sexuality and so on. To ensure that such freedom of action is not abused, a strict adherence to a doctrine of consent is enforced. Moreover, a dynamic caste system allows your character to occupy a determined niche in society, from a mighty ruler to a lowly (but no less vital) slave or an outlaw. You may strike out on your own and walk your own path, or pledge yourself to one of the existing local powers, with all the perks and responsibilities that such an allegiance involves!
We offer weekly interactive events, such as PvP tournaments and auctions, where everyone may attend for all sorts of prizes.

2x gather rates
2x XP gain
Hub zone with Mod vendors
Weekly PVP events and Auctions
Own your own land and rule a city!
Active Admins
Max LvL 300
Custom caste system - Be a Slave, Outlaw, Citizen, Noble, or Ruler!
Drop on death is off
Player Market place and player driven economy.

MOD LIST (32 Mods in total!)
Including Mods Like!

Savage Steel I-II
Ember light
Exiles Extreme
Thrall Wars
Better thralls
Devious Desires
Roleplay Redux
Chains of Hyboria
Northern Timber

Discord: https://discord.gg/4VhRdX8eSe
Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2496698571
Server Owner: anikonemes
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