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Server ID 76991842
IP Address (Game Port) (Query Port)
Map The Exiled Lands
Country United States
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Apr 27, 2021
Last Seen 4 minutes ago
Mods Improved Quality of Life 3.0.1
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Roleplay First - Mature Stories - Lore Based - Expansive Economy - PVP Enabled - ERP Welcome - EEWA for Epic Gameplay

Discord Mandatory:

Forsaken Sagas starts with a limited number of mods to keep load times down and then brings a return to the spirit of the core game, the world in which Conan lived. Keeping to the original setting where player characters are exiled for crimes they may or may not have committed, we seek to engage in the creative stories players weave from that basis. Was the character innocent and now trying to survive in a hostile environment where most of their fellow criminals are truly villains? Are they a hero who fell from grace and now seeks redemption through penance? Are they a villain who was finally caught and rightfully exiled? Perhaps their exile was more complicated than simple prosecution. What will they do now that they are bound to this land?

We've made effort to establish a working economy that rewards the clever, the crafter and the opportunistic. We've incorporated the epic adventure to be had in 300 levels of challenging gameplay with a focus on achievement through team effort, encouraging clanning and community. With lockpicking and other features enabled, our goal is to allow players to embrace "profession" with meaningful accomplishment.

We are committed to an ERP enabling environment while maintaining the integrity of story and roleplay first. We put forth that slavery is a common practice in the world created by Robert E. Howard and is practiced without regulation in the Exiled Lands.
Server Owner: grimalkyn
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