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Posted by cnemus

Active RP community and admin team. Welcoming and helpful to new players. Wide range of RP styles to choose from. Reasonable rules. My favorite Conan server of all time. I've not seen a single day go by without at least one public RP event. Server run events (RP and combat) are frequent.

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Posted by Dakarth

Great server, really friendly players, very active admin team and a vegan girl group... whats not to like?

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Posted by CiaraRavnos

really nice server with helpful admin team. Always see events for rp and other things happening on the server. Really relaxed atmosphere

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Posted by Kerian7759

Nice Server, very chill people.

Profile Picture
Posted by Synsi

Still here and still awesome! Love you guys!

Profile Picture
Posted by logiebear

Great Server! Very very friendly Admins. Rules are fair and a lot of effort put into the community. Very cool Pirate character on the server too. Some say handsome and dashingly witty.

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Server Description
Serenity Exiles Map
Server Name: Serenity (PVP-RP/ERP) 18+
Server IP:

Daily Restart: 3am& 3pm Eastern time

Discord Link:

Serenity is a US-EAST/EU open private roleplay Conan Exiles server for PC only, focusing on RP and storytelling. We have about a dozen people on regularly in the evenings and are looking for new players to tell amazing stories with. Our admin team is top notch, and works hard to bring players custom content like dungeons, quest chains, etc.

Serenity is drop-on-death, body remains in world server. PVP is allowed, but requires Role Play leading up to combat. Player damage to buildings is off; Purge is on. We do not allow characters to break into others’ chests or tables, so your storage is safe.

Stories of intrigue, grudges, betrayal, alliance, and even romance (with or without ERP) are all highly encouraged! Please note, however, that WE ARE AN 18+ SERVER, and you will be required to complete a Discord Consent Form before being allowed in-game. Serenity requires all players to join our Discord before making a character - your Discord nickname must match your (lore appropriate) character name.

Serenity offers new players:
+Start Adventuring at Level 60!
+New Player Kit - Basic items to help you get started
+Base Building Kit to help you get started building a base/shelter
+Leveling perks for achieving levels 120, 180, 240, and 300
+Quick Travel warps to distant areas on the map
+/sethome is free as well as using /home

To enhance your storytelling and RP, Serenity features a variety of mods like Pippi, Emberlight, DM Tools, and others to enhance your roleplay experience! Please view the complete modlist here, and subscribe to all mods before attempting to join (please visit our Discord to see the current mod load order).
Server Owner: kiiara
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