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Nyumon - Now a 2x Server! (RP, PVP, Events, Factions)

Game Mode: PvP
IP Address:
Claim Port: 28715
Rank: 2053
Country: US
Status: Online
Map: The Exiled Lands
Server Owner: Mercadia
Avg. Players(24hrs): 0
First Seen: September 25, 2017
Last Tracked: 24 seconds ago
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Server Description

We are looking for leaders! If you have been interested in starting your own faction on a fresh server, here is your chance! Former, current or would be writers, dungeon masters, community organizers, designers and experienced role players have a new dedicated g-portal server to play with! Our server should only go down twice a day (4:00 AM and 4:00 PM EST [UTC-5]) for very short maintenance restarts (less than five minutes).

Nothing will ever be cheat spawned/created on our server out of respect for the time members put into their characters and structures.

Nyumon is an adult only PvP/PvE/RP server using only Pippi as a mod for now.

Hunger/Thirst: 0.2, Crafting speed multiplier: 0.2, Exp: 2.0x, Harvest: 2.0x

This change to a 2x server as of 1/30/18 is to place more emphasis on player interactions than a grind to establish your character.

In addition to doubling harvest and experience gain rates, we have three admins in three different time zones available to help you enjoy your time on Nyumon.

Our discord has a rules page with more details.

Please join our discord!