Isle of Dark Debauchery (Slavery ERP)


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Server Description
Name: Isle of Dark Debauchery (Slavery ERP)
Map: Isle of Siptah
Age Restrictions: +18
Server: NA
Max capacity of server: 30(for now)
Website: N/A
Discord (or other) Server:
Text only
Password: Find it in the discord.

Server Settings
XP rate: x2
Gathering Rate: x 2
Day/Night Ratio: 0.1/1.1
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.1/0.1 Idle 0.1/0.1 Active
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: yes
The Purge Activated: No
Players stay logged in the world when they log out.


The Isle of Siptah is a harsh and hostile place. People arrive, washed ashore from shipwrecks, some meant for the Exiled Lands. Some people didn't deserve to be sent to there, maybe pissing the wrong person. Others, murderers, rapists, and thieves, without question deserved to be there.

The only law in the Isle seems to be the strong prey on the weak. The strong construct cities, and try to have new exiles, willing and unwilling, live there. So it all come down to a choice every person must make. Well they be one of the strong and carve out a new piece of land for themselves, becoming a Warlord, or King. Or well they submit, that being living on there land, to even becoming a slave to there whims. Only time will tell.
Server Owner: canthor
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