Eternal Sanctum:FndlyWkndRaid[AoC/EEWA][6xHa][7xEXP]


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Server Description
The Eternal Sanctum is a Conan Exiles PvP Server. Our Server was put together by experienced and passionate Conan Exiles players who want to give back to the community. The goal for our servers are to create
a fun yet competitive environment which meshes both the PvE elements of Conan and the PvP elements. The Eternal Sanctum has higher then average XP/Harvesting rates to promote and encourage PvP.

Our servers are part of a cluster environment providing the ability to travel in between the following lands: Exiled Lands, Siptah and Savage Wilds, by an easy transportation system.

The Eternal Sanctum has a multi faction rewards for hitting certain milestones. You receive a second faction once you reach Level 300, and Third faction once you have completed all EEWA Ascentions.

Server Information:
Name: The Eternal Sanctum : Weekend Raid[AoC][EEWA][6xHar][7xEXP]
Direct Connect IP:

Server Features:
60 Player Slots - Dedicated Server hosted at OVH
PvP Enabled 24/7
Harvest Rate: 6x
Experience Multiplier: 7x
Raiding: Saturday 6:00pm to 11:00pm EST - Sunday 6:00pm to 10:00pm EST
Events will be held and announced in the Discord.
Maprooms at Obelisks, Custom Warps including Home/Faction Hall/Arena/Tavern/Market/Tele
VIP System which include custom teleporting NPC, Warp and many additional bonuses as a thank you for contributing!
Starting kits for new players and progression based kits.
Max Level Cap is 300 - Full Ascensions available though EEWA.

The Eternal Sanctum Official Mod List:
* Pippi - User & Server Management
* ExilesExtreme
* Fashionist
* Stacksize Plus
* GrimProductions
* ModControlPanel
* Better Thralls
* Glory of Combat
* Glass construction and more
* Northern Timber
* Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded
* Admin_Islands
* The Age of Calamitous
* Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
* Hosav's Custom UI Mod
* Tier 4 Followers - Mild Increase Spawn
* Less Building Placement Restrictions
* Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
* Lemurian Architect
* Building Shortcut Bar
* FaithZ Plague Remover
* Amunets Server Transfer
* Savage Wilds
Server Owner: UnfaithfulZ
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