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Server ID 76992430
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Map The Exiled Lands
Country Canada
Game Mode PvE
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Server Description
Lands of Toril RP 18+ AoC EEWA
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Style: RP-ERP-PvE-PvP
Server Location: North America/Canada
Direct Connect:
Server Slots: 70
RP Format: Text Based
Max Level: 300

• Active and friendly admins
• 3x Harvest, balanced
• High Fantasy with vast customization options for your character.
• Custom Class System with the Indrid’s mod giving unique variation with classes and racial abilities, totaling up to 20 races and 8 classes.
• Active and helpful player-base.
• Weekly Auctions and Events
• Starter Kits and starter spells for the mystic classes.


The Gods were Angry

As these lands saw many come and go with the ebb and flow of time, they were unprepared for the restlessness of the gods. They watched on from their veiled perch to see the mortal inhabitants rise to glory and fall to greed. Unsure of the catalyst that triggered the actual events that occurred, the inhabitants tried fruitlessly to defend their homes…

The Rebuild

Many were devastated while others perished all together in the wake of the gods. For those who remained, many fled if they were able while the ones barred had to be strong enough to rebuild. A new hub had been erected to the North under the name Cliffholde to which it owed its name from its lord. He owed his wealth and resources to his small fleet of fishing/cargo ships that supplied much to those who remained.

These ships traveled far across the vast waters bringing in new or needed supplies with the occasional cluster of passengers. Some of which were plagued with afflictions that did not go unnoticed by the factions who feared their ever-increasing numbers. Behind closed doors the factions and their alliances (Stormhold, Elvanor, Elven, Covenant and Felgarth with opposing Cold Embrace and the Vanghouls) discussed the issues they were facing as it seemed the afflictions were quite quarrelsome with one another. Places the inhabitants frequented such as the tavern were evident of the divide.

Town Crier yells out for all ye to hear:

“Arise Arise Arise the City of Cliffholde has now become our new home”.

Magic and warriors are now filling the lands. Heroes now becoming more of an asset to the lands to save us from the wretchedness of the Gods. New villainy rising in the lands. Stormhold has now created a regiment of Paladins, taught by Felgarth, and Felgarth scholars teaching Paladin Risse ancient Arts, giving the Kingdom of Stormhold access to magic.

Our Gods have made this land where we live and die. Gray ones and First men are invading Toril. We shall rise with our friends, new and old, and we shall rise to fight for home. Let the magic and the warriors protect us.


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Server Owner: Azihra
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