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Server ID 76992189
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Map Savage Wilds
Country France
Game Mode PvP
First Seen Aug 21, 2021
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Posted by Missak

Ive been playing on this server for some time. I love the story. Admins do their best to offer fun and support. Community is active and friendly! Well balanced rules. If you are looking for RP to play on, this is a good choice.

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Server Description
We are an RP-PvP Server with our own server lore primarily based on Howard's work, with influences from Lovecraft and other setting-appropriate sources.

As players progress and act on our server they will become part of our server lore. Your actions can shape the outcome of the ending of our stories.
As such you always have influence and importance, even the smallest of things, could have large impact in the servers eventual outcome.

Our in house mod "Dauntless RP Mod" currently includes
-Our own classes / roles
-Reworks of recipes
-New adjusted gear
-Level 100 (Attributes still at vanilla cap)
And with much more to come.

The servers features include (but are not limited to)
-Weekly events
-Custom dungeons
-Low fantasy setting, as light or dark as players and staff make it.
-Custom lore / story
Server Owner: WolfHam
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