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Posted by holypolarpanda77

If you like a renewed Conan PVE-C experience then come check it out. Server quest provide new ways to explore and get goodies. All the harvest and exp rates are low which I like, means you have to quest for loot and XP. Dont let that fool you though, once you understand how the server works you can level just as fast as other servers. There are Admin hosted events that have been great in the past and could get even better in large groups. Come check it out!

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Server Description
The Perils of Power (PvE-C) - A Story Driven RP Adventure
Welcome lost traveller to the Perils of Power!
We are a relaxed, non-PvP based RP server
with an emphasis on community.

What We Are:
We are a small server looking to grow not only the players but the world they interact with. Beginning with a small community, we plan to slowly grow the land reflecting its progress. We encourage decoration and creativity in builds and are actively working to incorporate more pieces for players to work with.

A Story-Driven RP:
Several years ago I created a story line for a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Based in the realm of Ravenloft, a land of horror and evil, a simple premise was set. The game is still running to this day and thanks to a great core group of players, the story itself has grown extensively.
With the help of a few mods (I've been told my list is actually rather small), we are attempting to bring that story to life through the Conan Exiles universe. You begin with nothing, your possessions striped from you, trapped in a strange and dangerous land. Who brought you to this place and for what purpose? The only way to determine the answer is to press forward into the exiled lands themselves.

What We Have To Offer/What You Can Expect:
- Towns and villages are being added throughout the map, complete with merchants, gambling, side quests, etc. Other points of interest and/or interaction will also appear, some related to the main story and others simply side quests. So please, continue to explore and revisit various points as the game continues.
- Supplies and resources are not optimized on this server, meaning it will take some time to gather large quantities. This is offset by the addition of a monetary system/economy as well as merchants selling all make and manner of item, from food stuffs to arms to household decor. We can even set you up with your own shop with merchant to boot!
- In addition, custom admin raid bases and other events will be announced from time to time (with prizes, including rare or unique items). We also allow for player run events, with admin approval, during building damage times.

- Both purge and decay are turned OFF allowing for more comfort and freedom when building.

You have questions? We have answers!

Join us on Discord today!
Server Owner: TheRedKing
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