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Hello :). I have put a lot of time and effort into my server, and we have what I feel is an excellent list of mods.

There are custom classes and races, many different vendors and admin-built locations, and activities. There are many things I've added to the server, including around 10 secrets and hidden bosses/quests/riddles.
You can also be one of 9 kingdom seal holders, and own a private island in the sky.

There is a pvp and pve arena with free supplies; a necrotic sanctum in a pvp enabled zone, where you have to fight both undead as well as other players (the boss spawns every 4 hours and drops a large sum of gold), to be the first to reach the center and slay the boss. There is a public fishing area with different merchants, as well as public mines. And much more :) Come join us and get started on something new! I hope to see you there!

- Custom race/class system with curses
- Admin created secrets and quests
- Public tavern with free food and drink
- Public shop where you can purchase nearly anything
- Wild Call Portal, Arena, Public Fishing and Mining nodes, 4 hour timer world boss
- x3 Experience and Harvest
- x.1 Thrall and crafting time

[Mod List]
Pippi (many kits, thespians, merchants and warps)
Shadows of Skelos
Better Thralls
Hosav's UI
Ravencrest Couriers
Automatic fish trap
Pickup +
Dungeon Master Tools
Warrior Mutator
Kerozard's Paragon Levels (300)
Exiles Extreme (select items available)
Thrall Wars
Indrids Races/Classes

Join our discord at https://discord.gg/EAwVtKmSNM
Server Owner: HotBoogers
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